Monday, May 2, 2011

Menu Planning Monday!!!

Laura over at has a new Menu Planning Monday button!  I think it's cute!  Maybe one day I will make me own blog button just for kicks.  Anyway, this weekend was wonderful!  Saturday Bryan and I slept in and then spent time together around the house that morning.  We started watching Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, but didn't get to finish it.  We'll have to NetFlix it because it was fantastic!  Around lunch time, we headed over to Bouncer and Alicia's.  Alicia had to work, but the boys got a good jump on building Bouncer's keezer.  I took my knitting and got quite a bit done on Bryanne-Michelle's scarf!  I made one trip to Park Avenue Yarns early in the afternoon and bought my BEAUTIFUL maroon Banana Silk yarn from Frabjous Fibers!  That's what I'll use on my next scarf project!

Later, after Alicia got home but before we all went out to dinner, she and I went back to the yarn shop.  She bought the green banana silk yarn (SO PRETTY!), and I got another skein of Tuareg from Malabrigo Yarns.  Why?  Well, I was a bit short on Bryanne-Michelle's scarf AND I have an idea for a secret project for a particular holiday that's coming up...yikes, I have less than a week!  I'd better get cracking...I mean knitting lol.

Sunday morning, Bryan and I got up and got ready for a day at the waterpark!  Which meant running to the store for sunscreen and beach towels.  Somehow, we didn't own a single beach towel!  But that's remedied...and I love my new beach towel!  It's so fun and festive!

We picked up Bouncer and Alicia and headed to SplashTown!!!  It was the NASA Family Picnic--BBQ, beer and water rides!  I didn't take any pictures while we were there, but we had a blast!  The weather was perfect--partly cloudy and NOT sweltering-- and Lindsay and Ben brought his two kiddos.  They are adorable and so much fun!  Bryan said having kids at the water park really made the trip--which made me smile.  Maybe in a few years we'll have a kiddo who will be old enough to go with us and run us ragged lol.  That said, I sure enjoyed going on the big kid rides!  And Bryan even went on one really scary one with Lindsay and Bouncer and me, one medium one, and then he, Bouncer and I rode another one TWICE!  Since he really does NOT like those kind of rides, I was really happy that he went on that many with me!  Other than that, Bouncer was my ride buddy.  Alicia and I had a blast on the lazy river and in the wave pool!  Of course, after a full day at the water park, my right ankle and feet are killing me, and my wrists and hands are achy.  Totally worth it, but I'm going to be out of commission for a few days.  Hopefully I can at least get to water aerobics tomorrow, even if I just walk around in the water instead of doing the exercises.  But I sure wouldn't go back and change a thing--yesterday was a BLAST!!!

Anyways, on to today's Menu Planning Monday!  If you want to read other Menu Plans, or share your own, you can go over to Laura's Menu Plan for today!

Breakfast:  some combination of egg, toast, fruit and/or yogurt with cottage cheese with milk
Lunch:  turkey and cheese sandwich for me, leftovers or buying for Bryan
TUESDAY: Sit and Stitch!  Hopefully I'm up to going!  So, dinner will be spaghetti!
WEDNESDAY: Coconut Shrimp
THURSDAY: Crispy Pecan-Crusted Chicken
FRIDAY:  Pita Pizzas!
SATURDAY: My step-cousin Melanie and her fiance Eric are getting married!  We'll probably eat at the reception.  
SUNDAY: Not sure yet...maybe out to eat?  We'll play Sunday by ear, I think.


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