Friday, April 29, 2011

Knitting Projects Breed Like Bunnies

This last week, sadly, I decided to take a break from knitting.  Was I tired of it?  Absolutely not!  However, my hands were achy and I definitely was tired of THIS:

Seriously.  I don't know how this happened.  I promise, there was a point when I had a coffee table and TWO end tables...but lately, one of my end tables has disappeared from view.  The reason?

So, I decided to be proactive about the situation.  I wanted something I could store my current knitting stuff in, that would look nice under the end table AND that had room for future addition and organization.
So, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought THIS!

My first knitting box!  It's leather (probably not real lol) which means that, unlike wicker, it won't catch and snag yarn.  It also matches the "leather" accents on the coffee and end tables, so it doesn't look horrible tucked beneath the end table that it's contents once owned.  I'm happy to report that even the coffee table is happy now, and actually functions as a coffee table again!

So, with that done and my wrists rested, I got back to knitting and planning out future projects!
I've spent several hours today on browsing patterns that I think I can actually attempt at my current level.  Well, I've done that and watched anime lol.  So, here's what I'm working on now, and what I will be working on soon!

I'm making Bryanne-Michelle a pretty scarf for her birthday!  Which is in December lol.  So it's either a very late or very early birthday present.  That or I'll call it an "unbirthday" present!  Or maybe a half-birthday present...
Anyway, regardless of what it's called, I'm making her scarf out of malabrigo worsted.  They call the color "tuareg"...I call it pretty turqouise/teally blue!  I'm using my 10.5 needles and knitting in a 4k4p (4 knit, 4 perl) rib pattern.  And I've made a lot of progress on it too!

I was using my Vintage Forrest Green yarn to make a sampler of my newly-learned stitches.

I've completed two pattern repetitions, and I think I'll do one more, but after that, I'll frog it.  Which means rip it all back out lol.  Why?  Well, I'm not really too keen on the sampler pattern as a scarf AND I found a really beautiful pattern for fingerless gloves (aka reading gloves) by CreativeYarn!  Since my hands get so cold (stupid circulation) it would be nice to have a pair to slip on and still have the use of my fingers!

I picked this pattern because it's worked (or knitted) flat, and then the seams are "sewn" together later.  Once I learn to knit in the round, there's another pattern I found that I like a lot too!  But that's for another day.

A week or so ago I bought that awesome gigantic ball o' yarn!

It's called Alp Oriental by Feza Yarns and it has so many colors and textures in it...I'm really excited to knit with it!  The primary color pallet of my yarn ball is blues and grays, but there are also some magenta strands and green strands and a yellowish one or two and....well, you get the picture.  LOTS OF COLORS!

I've been waiting on the writing of a pattern for a triangular shawl by one of the ladies who also visits Park Avenue Yarns.  However, I've found one that's also free AND only uses the one ball of yarn AND is available now that creates a rounded shawl/wrap.  I like the way it looks, so I think I'm going to go ahead and make that!  After all, there's lots of other yarns to make long lacy shawls with--this one is just cute and thick!

I found the COOLEST yarn at Park Avenue Yarns the other day!  It's called Banana Silk yarn, and they have it in the perfect shade of burgundy--which is MAROON!!!  WHOOP!!!  No pictures yet...because I haven't bought any yet!  But I promise pics will come as soon as I do purchase this yarn--because it's beautiful!  I found a really nice pattern using this yarn and 15 needles...which I conveniently own for the aforementioned shawl!  Perfect!

I'm so glad that I love my new project!  Now, I'm going to finish this episode of Blood+, make dinner, and knit some more!

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  1. Those look like fun projects! I would love to learn how to knit. It seems like such a great hobby! :)


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