Friday, January 4, 2008

Welcome to the Hobbies Index!

Traveling, reading, writing, watching TV and movies, and playing video games have always been among my favorite pass times.  After getting married and buying a home, cooking, gardening and home decorating were quickly added to that list.  Recently, I've discovered a new addiction--I mean hobby of course!--knitting!  Here are all of my posts* concerning the things I love to do!






Home Projects!


Anime/Manga/TV Shows!

Video Games!

Costa Rica Beach Bum:  Spring Break of 2010 Bryan and I traveled with out friends Hunter and Amber to Tamarindo, Costa Rica.  I did not have a computer with me, so I wrote our adventures and experiences in my journal.  This blog is the online record of my handwritten account of our trip.

Up and Down That Spanish Highway:  During the summer of 2006, I studied abroad in Spain.  This blog once chronicled my adventures during the initial two weeks of traveling, as well as the following month living with my host family and studying at La Universidad Castilla-LaManca in Toledo.  Unfortunately, this blog was somehow deleted and is unrecoverable.  At least I still have all of my pictures safe on my computer!

*This index starts with posts written in January 2010. For older hobby-related posts, please click on the hobbies label.

Welcome to the Motley Index

In other words, welcome to the index for everything that did not fit neatly into Family, Food, Health or Hobbies!  Here you'll find links to posts on a wide variety of topics!

Where I Stand

Rambles and Rants

Blog Shenanigans

Welcome to the Food Index!

Here's where you can find all of the recipes I share on this blog!  Many of these recipes help me plan our weekly menus for Menu Planning Mondays, and, of course, I only post the yummy ones!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Welcome to the Health and Fitness Index!

These posts* will primarily deal with my journey with RA, as well as my efforts to get in shape.  Yes, round IS a shape, but NOT the shape I want to be!

*This index starts with posts written in January 2010.  To read any past posts related to Health and Fitness, please clik on the "health/fitness" label.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Welcome to the Faith Index!

These posts* share my thoughts on faith, religion and Religions, belief, ideologies, etc., including my (mostly) weekly Faith Fridays posts!  I welcome any comments or questions, even if you disagree with me.  I just ask that an atmosphere of respectful discussion is maintained!  Thanks!

January 16, 2011:  Today's Sermon and Our First Church Visit 
November 7, 2010:  Church Shopping: Postponed
October 31, 2010:  Church Shopping 
September 22, 2010:  Just Something God Did 
June 30, 2010:  Reflections:  Misquoting Jesus
April 24, 2010:  The 10 Commandments 
April 3, 2010:  Religion is Hard, Faith is Easy (Part II)
April 3, 2010:  Religion is Hard, Faith is Easy (Part I)
February 6, 2010:  Revenge

Faith Fridays! 
May 13, 2011:  Wives, Submit
April 1, 2011:  Serving God, Serving Others
March 25, 2011:  Faith Friday:  Natural Disasters 
March 4, 2011:  Faith Friday:  Getting Mad
February 4, 2011:  Faith Friday:  Non-Christians and Hell
January 15, 2011:  Faith Friday (on a Saturday):  Prayer
December 24, 2010:  Faith Friday:  Happy Holidays! 
December 17, 2010:  Faith Friday:  Omniscient God, His Plan and Freewill
December 10, 2010:  Faith Friday:  The Problem of Pain
December 3, 2010:  Faith Fridays:  Introduction

*This index starts with posts written in January 2010.  For older Faith posts, please click on the faith label.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome to the Family Index!

These posts* that describe the happenings in our family.  Since many of our close friends are also family, this includes them as well!

Bryan and me (and Caylee makes three)!

           Marriage and Parenting!
           Pregnancy and Fertility!


Teaching--I taught Spanish I at a local high school for two years before my RA progression got me placed on disability.

*This index starts in January 2010.  For older posts concerning family or friends, please click on the family label or the friends label.


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