Friday, December 3, 2010

Faith Fridays: Introduction

As y'all know, I have a couple of days where I post theme-based thoughts and information.
I used to have Not Me! Mondays and Post It Notes Tuesdays, but those have tapered off.

Well, I've decided to add another!
This topic is of my own creation, rather than one I've joined up with.
Faith Fridays are going to be the days that I share thoughts that I have on faith, religions, belief, etc.
This is also where I'll review any faith- or religion-related books I'm reading!
Originally, I thought I would make Sundays the day I would post faith-based thoughts--but weekends get so busy!
I might still respond to sermons on Sunday, if we ever find a church, but Faith Fridays are another matter all together.

I'm hoping that these posts will engender friendly and open-minded discussion, as well as give me a specific outlet for all of these faith thoughts running around inside my head!
Anyway, I hope y'all enjoy Faith Fridays, for however long this level of organization will last!


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