Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Best of 2010!

I got this idea from Emily, over at Live a Charmed Life!

I turned 25!
Unfortunately, our camera was broken, so there aren't any fun pictures.

We went to watch our first Roller Derby match for our friend Julie's team, the HotRod Harlows!

Bryan and I traveled with friends to Costa Rica for Spring Break!

We also hosted Mark and Alicia's cocktail wedding party!

We girls went out to Numbers to celebrate Alicia's bachelorette party!

 Our good friends Mark and Alicia got married!

 Bryan and I attended SOT's Crawfish Boil.

We also celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary by painting the gameroom accent wall!

Bryanne-Michelle's Spring shower was in Old Town Spring!

My little brother graduated from college!

I went to Ft. Worth to visit Victoria and hang out with her and Daisy!
We also got our bridesmaid dress measurements taken!
Bryan took my parents, my cousin Brooke, Mama #2, Mike, and his cousin (oh, and me!) on a wonderful tour of NASA.
  Bryan and I went to my family reunion at the River Cabin on the Llano!

Bryan and I rode the motorcycle up to Waco for Bryanne-Michelle's wedding shower!

Our friend Allie came to visit us from D.C.!

My mom, mamacita, and I hosted Victoria's Houston Bridal Shower at my house! 
School started back up--I finally got my classroom looking precisely how I wanted it!

I was put on disability.
 (Though this was far from one of the best moments of the year, it has turned out to be the right decision for controlling my RA progression and improving my overall health.)

We painted the town in Dallas for Victoria's bachelorette party early in the month! 

Later, I flew to Ft. Worth for Victoria's September wedding shower.

I stood in two of my best friends' weddings! 
Victoria and Philip got married!

So did Bryanne-Michelle and Justin!

Bryan and I carved pumpkins together for Halloween!

 We headed to the hill country for Thanksgiving Break and spent the week with family!
It's always amazing to see how much the kiddos have grown!

DECEMBER (so far!)
      We celebrated my husband's 26 birthday with friends at St. Arnold's Brewery!


  1. wow lots of weddings! hope all is well,
    Love, Laura

  2. Hey chica! Thanks for the comment! Yeah, it's been a busy year, wedding-wise. All's well with us! How are you doing? :-D


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