Friday, December 24, 2010

Faith Fridays: Happy Holidays!

I find it funny that some people get so up in arms over the "Happy Holidays!" greeting as opposed to "Merry Christmas!"

Yes, I understand that for Christians, this is one of the most sacred times of the year--the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. 
(And I do say "celebration of" because, historically speaking, Jesus was born in the summer months.  Talk about a wait for your birthday party!  The timing is due only to a pagan holiday the Romans appropriated for the purpose of bringing said pagans into the then-government mandated religion of Christianity.)

However, Christians do not have a monopoly on December holidays.
(Heck, they don't even have a monopoly on Christmas--many non-Christians celebrate Christmas as a secular, family-centered holiday.)

With all of that in mind, I find it very narrow-minded and religous-centric to get upset over the "Happy Holidays!" greeting.  I have no problem with being wished or wishing others a "Merry Christmas!"--after all, I celebrate it--but in deference to the fact that my holiday does not stand alone or, in my opinion, inherently above any others I prefer "Happy Holidays!"

Here's a list of holidays of other religions that happen in December!


  • 2-9
    • Hanukkah * - Jewish
  • 6
    • Saint Nicholas Day - Christian
  • 7
    • Hijra - New Year * ** - Islam
  • 8
    • Bodhi Day  (Rohatsu) ** - Buddhism
    • Immaculate Conception of Mary - Catholic Christian
  • 12
    • Feast day - Our Lady of Guadalupe - Catholic Christian
  • 16
    • Ashura * ** - Islam
  • 16
    • Posadas Navidenas through December 25 - Hispanic Christian
  • 21  Solstice
    • Yule * - Wicca/Pagan Northern hemisphere
    • Litha* - Wicca/Pagan Southern hemisphere
    • Yule - Christian
  • 25
    • Christmas * - Christian
  • 26
    • Feast of the Holy Family - Catholic Christian
    • Death of Prophet Zarathushtra ** - Zoroastrian
  • 28
    • Holy Innocents - Christian
  • 31
    • Watch Night - Christian

* Means that Holy days begin at sundown the day before this date.
** Regional customs, group preference or moon sightings may cause a variation of this date.
Bold titles are primary holy days of a tradition. 

 So on that note, Merry Christmas to those of you celebrating tonight and tomorrow, and Happy Holidays to everyone else!



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