Thursday, December 2, 2010

Time for A Goal List

I haven't set out some specific goals for myself in a few months.
In those few months so much has changed--I'm on disability, I'm a stay-at-home wife, I've started working out again, I'm trying to find new hobbies, and am still adjusting to the new realities of my life and health.
Thinking on all of that today, I'm kind of surprised that I haven't set out some goals--after all, I've been complaining about feeling directionless and goal GIVE DIRECTION!  Da da da DAH!
So, here we go!

Establish and maintain a workout routine--Water aerobics at least 2 days a week, recumbant bike at least 2 other days a week
Church shop and though that establish volunteer activities
Finish writing SOME kind of story lol

By February, loose 15 pounds.  (Granted, I'd be happy with more, but I really want to get back down a ways).
By February, get the junk room/future nursery cleared out and cleaned up.
Make a Texas Flag decoration for the guest bedroom by Christmas.
Make a centerpiece for the island and a wreath for the front door before Christmas.
Get all the other decorations out and up for Christmas.
By January, have the attic decked out so all that stuff in the junk room/nursery can have a place to go (granted, this is more of a "honey do" than a personal goal--I sure can't haul plywood up into the attic!!!)

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  1. friend,
    (in response to your comment on my blog)... first, if i told you who the person was, you probably wouldn't believe it. it's not a boy, i'll say that much. let's just say it's someone you can't easily peace out on. and it's someone that would never be expected to treat you this way. and while i completely agree that god never requires us to give up any of our humanity, in a way, he does because he is bigger than our humanity. not in a he's-asking-me-to-be-perfect-and-do-impossible-things-kind of way, but more of a hey-trust-me-with-your-flawed-humanity-because-i-am-bigger kind of way. i do have to give up holding on to bitterness. but for the situation that it is, it requires me, at least for the time being, to be persistent in love. of course that comes with, and has already come with boundaries. but... it's not easy... and it's a person i have no choice but to love, and even if that weren't enough, there are other... factors... that give me reason to persist. and i am learning what that looks like in practical way in order that boundaries can still be present. but, anyway. love you friend! hope things are going well.


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