Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dirty Hands

I worked out in the garden for about an hour today. I pulled up stupid trailing weeds, stubborn crab grass, and (accidentally) a couple of trailing roots from my bushes. Oooops! But it was really a good time! My hands slowly turned black as the dirt ingrained itself into my pores. My nails became useless for prying up root systems--their was too much mulch and mud underneath. The air was cool, but the evening sun was soothingly warm. My joints weren't exactly happy with a lengthy session of kneeling awkwardly under bushes, but I shifted position enough to keep their complaints to a minimum. There are many religions that espouse the benefits of trying to be closer to hour in the garden left me feeling at peace and calm. And it makes me happy that the army of not-wanted green things trying to take over my garden has been reduced drastically in size!

I had a lot I wanted to blog about when I started typing. My thoughts generally revolved around what I want to accomplish this weekend, how ready I am for summer, etc. There were a few other thoughts--mostly regarding our beagle's misadventure this morning (she moved the bricks blocking the fence and dug into the neighbor's yard), and an article I read about online RPGs and marital fidelity (apparently some people don't think having online game sexual relationships with avatars of people other than their spouse is cheating---yeah, pretty sure the "forsaking ALL others" part of the marriage vows does NOT differentiate between real people and virtual ones, but anywho). So, after my calming reflection on my gardening activities, I was all geared to go into a full recounting of my main thoughts of the day.

Of course, then I stopped, took a shower, shaved, lounged in my fluffy and cheerful bathrobe (fluffly b/c it's terry cloth, and cheerful b/c it's a bright yellow lol) painting my toenails, and then dried my hair. So now I'm clean, warm, and have pretty toes. I'm cuddled in the recliner with a fuzzy blanket and a good action flick on the TV. In other words, I think my brief overview will suffice for the moment. Maybe later I'll delve further into today's thoughts, maybe not.

Anyways, I was just thinking.


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