Saturday, May 25, 2013

Oh The Month of May

This month has been insanely busy.  I'm glad that I posted our April update earlier in the month; otherwise, it might never have been written!  That said, it's been a month filled with fun, family and friends, and I sure can't complain about that!

The beginning of the month saw me frantically menu planning.  Yes, I've finally gotten back into the habit I started with my Menu Planning Monday posts!  However, now it's more like Menu Planning for the Month.  Thanks to Pinterest and Weight Watchers, I've found tons of really good recipes that I can prepare ahead of time, freeze, and finish cooking later!  What this translates into is two or three days of intense food prep at the beginning of each month, followed by weeks of thaw, cook, eat, repeat!  While labor-intensive at the beginning, it sure does pay off in time saved every evening, giving me more time to spend with the hubby and Caylee!

On May 7th, Julie and I took our girls on their first zoo trip!  I know they saw the animals--the monkeys and the anteater in particular caught their attention--but Caylee at least seemed more interested in watching the people watching the animals.  Julie and I had an absolute blast, and we're definitely going to make a return trip with the girls...though we might wait a few months.  Why?  Because summer has officially returned to the Texas coast, and we're in no hurry to sweat through our clothes and have our babies overheat lol.

May 11th we threw a beginning of summer/Lindsay's bday/successful thesis defense grill out here at the house.  It was a blast!  Ben and Lindsay came, of course, as did Julie, Ethan and Lucy.  Jake and Alicia also came, with baby James!  He's such a cutie, and getting so big!  He was just short of a month old, and a day short of his original due date--Mother's Day!  We had an absolute blast hanging out, catching up, and watching Caylee and Lucy play!  

The next day was Mother's day.  That morning we Skyped with Bryan's mom and Granny Jo.  Caylee enjoyed seeing them on the TV screen too.  That afternoon, we had a houseful of people again!  My parents, Austin and Fanny (who are engaged!  YAY!) and Fanny's mom, my Nannie and Papa, and our cousins Chris and Melissa and their twins Corbin and Eliana all came down.  We grilled, again, and had a wonderful time together.  We all exchanged Mother's Day gifts and watched the kids play together.  I must say, Bryan did an amazing job for my first Mother's Day...I only hope he loves his Father's Day gift as much!

May 16th was Bryan and my 5th wedding anniversary!  I can't believe we've been married 5 years!  We ordered in Mexican food from Chuy's, drank his homebrew beer (a delicious chocolate boch and a grand cru), and he made some wonderful after-dinner margaritas!  We also watched our wedding video and reminisced about our incredible wedding day.  Caylee watched the video with us, and it was hilarious to see how excited she got when my mom and dad appeared on the screen during the interview segment!  And he got me the coolest gifts ever!

The next day was my mom's retirement party in Spring, and we headed up to celebrate with her!  They kept Caylee for us that night, and we went out dancing with Ethan and Julie!  And realized how rusty at dancing we actually are lol.  Might need to work on that!  The next morning we headed back up to Spring to get Caylee-bear, and hung out with my Gan Gan, Aunts Amy and Candy, Eleanor, and Jenna Kay!  My cousin Brooke had left for Ireland that morning, but she's going to come stay with us when she gets back!

The 16th was also Caylee's 9 month mark!  She now babbles and says bababa, mamama, and esss.  She's doing amazingly with finger foods--her favorites are peas and macaroni and cheese!  I find the peas part funny because she used to try to spit out pureed peas so hard she would gag herself!  Apparently it was a texture issue!  She is practicing free standing more and more, and will walk holding onto someone's fingers.  She occasionally dances to music, and is absolutely fearless!  She climbs on anything and everything--including couches, tables, chairs, stairs AND baby gates lol.  We have to keep an eye on her, that's for sure!  She's also very tough though, and bumps and bruises don't phase her a bit!  Her 9 month check up was yesterday, and the doc says she looks great!  She weighed in at 20 pounds 10 ounces (90th percentile) and was 28.5 inches tall (95th percentile)!

This past Monday, Julie and I also took the girls to a baby time at a local library.  We sang songs--which Caylee didn't care about--and the librarian read a story--which she did--and played with rattles and scarves and a big ball!  Caylee was the only one to hit the ball back to the librarian, but Lucy did a great job of catching the ball when it rolled to her!  They also had free play time at the end.  Lucy stayed closer to Julie, but Caylee basically said "Bye Mom!" and took off to play with the other kiddos!   Of course, she came back several times to check in and play with her bestie Lucy!

We are so proud of our baby girl!  Today we had another mini session at Kat's Photography and this weekend she's staying with her Grandpa and Ganma!  Bryan and I are going to celebrate our anniversary without little bit!  We're going out to a surprise (to me) dinner location tonight, and then seeing a play at the Alley theater downtown!  This weekend, we're also planning on seeing Iron Man 3 and Star Trek: Into Darkness, as well as any other new releases that catch our fancy!  We want to go to a new beer spot, and work on some projects around the house, and generally enjoy some us time.  I'm very excited!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Caylee's Catch Up

Well, I completely missed posting in April didn't I?  Whoops!  Here's the summary:  

Caylee had a wonderful first Easter, getting to see a lot of her family and got to go on scooter rides with her Papa!

She also got to spend some wonderful quality time with her Gan Gan when she came down for a visit!

Ganma took pictures of her in the bluebonnets!

Caylee got to experience her first NASA Chili Cook-Off, even if we adults enjoyed it more than she did lol.

She helped me decorate her Aunt Alicia and Uncle Jake's house in celebration of baby James' arrival, though she didn't get to meet him until May.

She had her first play date with her yarn shop friend, Miss Juliana, who is 4 days older than Caylee!  They had a blast!

Her cousin Max celebrated his 4th birthday, and Caylee loved getting to play with him and Grandpa in the bouncy house!  She also got to meet Casey and be down in the grass for the first time--my cousins don't have dogs, ergo no dog poop!  She wasn't so sure about grass lol.

And, of course, she celebrated her 8 month birthday!  I can't believe she's getting so big!

All in all, April was another wonderful month for our Caylee-bear!  We sure love her more than anything, and I sure do feel blessed and love being her mama!


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