Monday, May 13, 2013

Caylee's Catch Up

Well, I completely missed posting in April didn't I?  Whoops!  Here's the summary:  

Caylee had a wonderful first Easter, getting to see a lot of her family and got to go on scooter rides with her Papa!

She also got to spend some wonderful quality time with her Gan Gan when she came down for a visit!

Ganma took pictures of her in the bluebonnets!

Caylee got to experience her first NASA Chili Cook-Off, even if we adults enjoyed it more than she did lol.

She helped me decorate her Aunt Alicia and Uncle Jake's house in celebration of baby James' arrival, though she didn't get to meet him until May.

She had her first play date with her yarn shop friend, Miss Juliana, who is 4 days older than Caylee!  They had a blast!

Her cousin Max celebrated his 4th birthday, and Caylee loved getting to play with him and Grandpa in the bouncy house!  She also got to meet Casey and be down in the grass for the first time--my cousins don't have dogs, ergo no dog poop!  She wasn't so sure about grass lol.

And, of course, she celebrated her 8 month birthday!  I can't believe she's getting so big!

All in all, April was another wonderful month for our Caylee-bear!  We sure love her more than anything, and I sure do feel blessed and love being her mama!


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