Monday, October 8, 2012

Back in the Habit

And no, I'm not talking about the Whoopi Goldberg movie.  Though I did watch it on TV the other day, and had forgotten how much I actually enjoy it!  Yay Cinemax!

Anyway, what I'm talking about is my weekly injection habit.  I took my first methotrexate shot in almost two years on Saturday night.  Bryan and I decided Saturday nights are the best time because we almost always have something going on Saturdays and almost always have nothing going on Sundays.  This means when I'm feeling less than awesome the day after my shot, he can help me with the baby!  I have such a good hubby :-).

While I'm glad to be officially back on my meds, I honestly had forgotten how yucky the methotrexate makes me feel.  Saturday night was pretty bad--mostly nausea and feeling woozy--and I was pretty wiped out on Sunday.  Bryan took over the baby's night feeding on Saturday so I could go to bed extra early, and was a huge help taking care of her all day Sunday.  I'm feeling better today, especially after 2 cups of coffee lol.  Of course, it's been completely out of my system for quite some time--I'm sure that once it's reestablished itself, it won't hit me quite as hard.  I'm just very thankful that Bryan is so understanding and takes such good care of me and of Caylee-bear when I'm feeling so icky.

The other habit I've restarted is Weight Watchers!  I haven't been to a weigh in and meeting yet, but I'm officially tracking my points again, and hoping that I'll see some progress, even if I'm still on 20 mg/day of prednisone.  I'm going to talk to Dr. C on Thursday about the protocol for weaning off that dose--not that I'm going to be able to actually attempt that anytime soon.  Until my big girl drugs get to work, that and my NSAID are all that keep me functioning though, admittedly, they're not really doing an amazing job at that at the moment.  But that's why we're reintroducing the methotrexate and Remcade and hydroxycholoquin--hopefully I'll see more improvement this time than back in 2010! 

Other than that, I'm looking forward to getting back into the exercise habit; however, I'm just not to a point where I can do that yet.  With my first Remicade infusion this Thursday, water aerobics will have to wait at least another week.  It might have to wait even longer, depending on how I'm responding to the meds, and going on walks will have to wait even longer than that.  That said, this beautifully cool fall weather sure makes me itch to put the baby in her stroller and go for a, well, stroll!  Oh well.  Hopefully the meds will make it possible before it gets flat out cold outside.

All in all, I'm feeling fairly optimistic and empowered (weight watcher word lol) at the moment.  It sure feels good to restart my healthy habits!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Family Fun!

Our Caylee-bear turned 6 weeks old last Thursday!
Aside from being excited that she's growing so big and strong, we were excited for another reason: 6 weeks was the age our pediatrician said we had to wait to take her out!

Granted, I cheated and took her to the yarn shop at 5 weeks, but that was just a quick "mommy and me" trip to see a very small group of my knitting family members all of whom were healthy.  Here's a pic of Caylee with her big sis (and birthday twin!) Blair :-D!

At 6 weeks, we took her out to a public place with--*gasp*--strangers we didn't know present!  Lol.  Bryan and I decided to celebrate her (and our) 6 week milestone by having lunch at one of our favorite restaurants--Jason's Deli!  So, I got Miss Caylee all dressed up in a new outfit.  It's hard to believe, but she's already wearing 3 month clothing!

We loaded her into the car and went to lunch at about 1:30pm.  While it was a late lunch, it turned out to be perfect timing since we missed the weekday lunch crowd!  Jason's Deli was pretty empty, so Bryan and I snagged a booth near the back corner.  He had his Club Royale and I FINALLY had my turkey wrap!  After 9 months of abstaining, man did was it delicious!  Of course, we also had the free ice cream :-D.

Caylee did wonderfully!  On the way there, I sat in the back with her, and she seemed to enjoy that.  At least, she didn't fuss at all with me back there, so I'm assuming that was enjoyment lol.  She fell asleep halfway there and slept all the way through our lunch!  She woke up when we left and fussed on the way home, but seeing as she had a very wet diaper when we got back to the house, I couldn't really blame her!
No shoes?  No problem!  Lol.  
It was a wonderful first family outing!

This week has been Bryan's first week back to work.  He's been going in for half days to give us all a chance to transition slowly.  So far, it's been going just fine, though Caylee and I are both glad to see him when he gets home!  Next week will be the final transition of him going back to work full-time and Caylee and I continuing our routine here at the house without him--at least until he gets home in the evening!  It'll be an adjustment for all of us, but I know it'll end up being great!

Other than that, we've got a busy week this week.  Saturday morning is Caylee's Halloween mini-session with amazing photographer Carina with Kat's Photography, and I'm super excited!  Carina also did Caylee's newborn shoot, and she is extremely talented!  

As for me, I have lots of doctor appointments that I'm getting out of the way while Bryan's home in the afternoons--optometrist, dentist, etc.  My 6 week postpartum check-up is tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be back on methotrexate and hydroxycholoquin tomorrow as well!  I'm getting ready for knit night tonight--sans baby this time!  Saturday afternoon, I'm taking a magic loop class at PAY, and am looking forward to it.  Oh, and I rejoined Weight Watchers!  Since I can't run--or even go on walks at the moment--and I'm not yet cleared for water aerobics, it's time to attack this baby weight from the dietary end!  I had a lot of success last time, and am looking to repeat it!  So, wish me luck!  And hey look--another blog post!  Thank goodness for a wonderful baby who sleeps so well--mama still gets to enjoy her hobbies!


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