Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!!

Hooray for WILW!  It's time again to reflect on the things that make me smile!
I'm happy to say that this week is going much better than last week (thank goodness)!
So, here's a list of what I'm loving today!

1.  I'm loving the beautiful flowers my hubby got me for Valentine's Day last week!
Ok, so maybe he didn't actually get them for my on V-Day BUT he did get them!

2.  I'm loving!  It's allowing me to have my ongoing InuYasha marathon WITHOUT spending the hundreds of dollars it would take to actually own the series!

3.  In case #2 didn't cover it--I'm loving INUYASHA!!!

4.  I'm loving today's weather...well, the weather from today at about 1 pm.
I took a wonderful walk and saw some HUGE turtles sunning themselves on the banks of one of the "lakes" behind our neighborhood.

5.  I'm loving Weight Watchers--almost 10 pounds down!

6.  I am LOVING Girl Scout Cookies!
4 Thin Mints are only 4 WW points, as are 2 Caramel Delights!
Those are my favorites!!!

7.  I am loving that my house has managed to stay fairly clean even though #3 is taking up a lot of time lol.

8.  I'm loving DSW because I bought 3 more pairs of cute flats for only $70!
Like my black ones, two of the pairs are Rocket Dog flats!

9.  I'm loving my family!  
Mom, Dad and Austin are heading down this weekend to help us paint!

 10.  I'm loving that our first batch of home brew will be ready in time for this weekend!
11.  I'm loving that Bryan and I are trying to make a baby!

12. And, of course, I'm loving my hubby!
He is such a wonderful, supportive guy and sure does make me smile a lot!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What To Do, What To Do...

Pour some mustard in your shoe!
Does anyone else remember that Shel Silverstein poem?
It's actually called Nothing To Do, but seeing as I actually have LOTS to do, I modified the first verse lol.
Shel Silverstein was one of my favorite poets when I was in elementary school...ok, he was my ONLY poet!
I loved his poems and they always made me laugh.

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the books and poems that I read as a kid.
Now that Bryan and I are trying to add a baby to our family, we've been talking about things that we need in the baby's room.
The first thing both of us put on our list is a bookshelf.
I mean, yes, a crib is important, BUT.  Lol.
While we were talking about where to put said shelf in the room, I started thinking about all the books I want to put on it.
Shel Silverstein is a must, the Berenstein Bears, lots of the Golden books, the Disney books, etc.
I even bough an old Berenstein Bears book at Book Haven the other day--Bears on Wheels!

I know, I know.  We're not even pregnant yet!
Not to mention that, eventually, the kiddo will start expressing his/her own taste in books and any that I buy will be relegated to boxes or maybe (MAYBE) Half-Priced Books.
I've just had so much fun thinking about books from my childhood that I want to share with my kiddo!

Oh, and did I mention I think I've narrowed nursery furniture down to two sets?
This one and this one!
Bryan is having a lot of fun laughing at me lol.
Oh well!  I'm having fun!
And at least once we find out we're pregnant, there will be a little bit less to think about and plan!
Hope y'all are having a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Menu Planning Monday!!!

Menu Planning Monday on a Monday!  What a concept!
It's been a crazy week, and an even crazier weekend, and to be honest it has sapped my desire to blog.
Even among the craziness, there was quite a bit of fun to be had!
I discovered last week that one of my favorite anime series had been continued back in 2009.
I don't know where the heck I was BUT I have now joined Hulu and am currently enjoying an INUYASHA marathon!!!!!!
I also helped chaperon a Latin tournament and had fun at an SOT party, both on Saturday.

And today I went to my Weight Watchers weigh-in and received some very welcome news!
Since last week, I've lost 2.5 pounds!  That puts me at about 9 pounds total, which is 5% of my starting weight!  I got a big shiny sticker!!!
I'm just glad that Weight Watchers in continuing to work, especially since Bryan and I are officially trying to have a baby!  Once I find out I'm pregnant, I'll have to go off Weight Watchers, but every pound I lose between now and then is one pound less on my future total baby weight gain!
Even more good news--I'm doing well enough off all of my meds that Dr. C has given us 6 months before we need to look at fertility options instead of 3!  So, we have all the time in the world :-D.

Now, on to this week's menu!
We didn't actually end up using most of last week's menu, so I'm going to end up cooking most of it this week!

Breakfast:  egg and fruit or yogurt with cottage cheese and milk
Lunch:  turkey and cheese sandwich for me, leftovers or buying for Bryan
TUESDAY:  Chicken Marsala
WEDNESDAY:  Garlicky Baked Shrimp!
THURSDAY:  Gan Gan's Meatloaf!
FRIDAY:  Pita Pizzas!
SATURDAY: Leftovers or out to eat.   
SUNDAY:  A big salad OR one of the recipes from my new 5 Ingredient Weight Watchers Cookbook! 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Menu Planning Wednesday!

Well this week is going to be a short planning session!
After all, it's already Wednesday!

Breakfast:  egg and fruit or yogurt with cottage cheese and milk
Lunch:  turkey and cheese sandwich for me, leftovers or buying for Bryan
MONDAY:  Valentine's Day!  My sweet hubby made his wonderful Crawfish in a Bundle!
TUESDAY:  I was having a bad day so Bryan and I went to Freebirds!  Yum.
WEDNESDAY:  Chicken Marsala
FRIDAY:  Pita Pizzas!
SATURDAY:  Something bad for me, I'm sure.  I'm helping chaperon a Latin tournament, so I won't be home until after 8 pm and will probably have tournament food for lunch and dinner.  Bryan has SOT stuff going on, so I'm sure he'll eat with all the guys.
SUNDAY:  Spaghetti with a big salad.  Or possibly tacos.  Depends on what the hubby is hungry for.

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Another What I Love Wednesday arrives just in time.
I really need an infusion of positivity into today--the past couple of days have had more than their fair share of suckiness.  BUT I am determined to focus on the good things, at least for this post.

1)  I'm loving the Diamond Edition Blu-Ray Beauty and the Beast that my husband got me for Valentine's Day!

2)  I'm loving the fact that my liver enzymes are finally back down to normal after last week's random spike!

3)  I'm loving the fact that Bryan and I pruned and trimmed and cleaned up and out the front flowerbeds!

4)  I'm loving that this evening we're going to go get little cans of sample paint colors to paint on the bedroom walls so we can choose one and get started painting our bedroom!

Well, that helps a bit.
I'd really like this week to get better, so here's hoping that today is better than yesterday.
That would be a step in the right direction.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

All You Need is Love! Day 6

It's been so much fun reading about what everyone {LOVES}!

Today's topic:
I {LOVE} to blog because...
When I started this blog back in 2008, I never really thought it would be more than
the occasional place to write down my thoughts.
But after my friend Arena set up her blog The Nerd's Wife, I was inspired...ok that sounds corny...let's
go with motivated start blogging regularly.
And I've found that I {LOVE} to blog because:

1)  It gives me an outlet to express myself and my thoughts!
2)  It helps me feel connected to the wider world now that I'm on disability!
3)  It helps me plan our meals, which in turn helps decrease stress AND save money!
4)  It gives me a place to describe my attempts at being artsy-craftsy and domestic!
5)  It's just plain FUN especially when challenges like this come down the pipe!

Friday, February 11, 2011

All You Need is Love! Day 5

Howdy everyone!
Happy Friday!

Today's topic:
What I {LOVE} about my friends is...

Today has been a good day, mostly, but has also been kinda stressful.
Which is why I'm glad that friends are today's topic because, quite frankly, my friends ROCK!

What I {LOVE} about my friends is:

1)  They are the sisters and brothers life has given me!

  2)  We listen to our vents, commiserate with each other when we're upset, and help each other keep perspective all at once!

3)  We always have fun together!

4) We can talk about pretty much anything, anytime, any place lol.

5)  No matter how far away they are, or how long it's been, we can always pick up a conversation as if it were paused just moments before, and we always enjoy spending time together!

6)  Last but certainly not least, I {LOVE} that my best friend is also the love of my life!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

All You Need Is Love! Day 4

I found this challenge over at A Complete Waste of Makeup and have really enjoyed participating,
but I almost forgot to post today!  Lol
That would definitely mean losing the challenge--not that it's a competition or anything.
I just really want to complete this challenge!

So, today is Day 4, and the topic is:

For Valentine's Day I {LOVE} to bake/cook...{share a recipe}

Normally we go out to eat for dinner and dessert on Valentine's Day BUT on occasion I do have a couple of cookie recipes I {LOVE} to bake:

I'm thinking about making a batch of these this year, if I can find some red white chocolate chips!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Love--I Got to Write a Guest Post!

Another Wednesday!
I love these What I'm Loving posts--they always bring such a positive outlook to the day.
So, here's what I'm loving this week!

1)  I'm loving that Arena over at The Nerd's Wife asked me to guest post today!
 Arena and I met in college.  We lived in the same dorm freshman year and
traveled to Prague with the same learning community that Spring Break.
Her blog is fantastic and the reason why I actually did something with this one!
I was so flattered to be asked, and I hope if y'all go read it you'll enjoy my post about RecalibRAting Life!

 It's such a fun way to reflect on all the things in life I have to be grateful for, and all the things that I enjoy and am still able to enjoy doing!

3)  I'm loving Numi Teas!
I ordered four new boxes of yummy, warm tea goodness (including this Magnolia Puerh) that should get here next week!

4)  I'm loving my matching scarf, gloves and knit beret hat!
And my warm tan leather coat!!!
This weather is just downright COLD for the Texas Coast, BUT it provided an excellent reason to go shopping for my first set of cute matching winter gear!

5)  And speaking of, I'm loving that Spring is right around the corner!
Or so I tell myself lol.

All You Need is Love Blog Challenge! Day 3

It's Day 3 on the All You Need is Love Challenge!
I found this challenge over at A Waste of Makeup, and it's so much fun reading everyone's answers!

Today's Topic:
If I could travel anywhere this snowy (well, for us it's cold and icy) February, I would
{LOVE} to go to...

There are so many places I want to travel to, but right now with this weather?
I'm definitely dreaming of tropical locations!
So, in no particular order, I would {LOVE} to hop on a plane and go:

1)  Back to Costa Rica!  I want to go rest on the sandy beaches at La Palapa again.

2)  Back to Aruba!  Bryan and I sure weren't ready to leave that particular paradise.

3)  Back to Australia!  I want to go back to Sydney and the Outback, but this time I also
want to travel the Gold Coast and bask in the sun.  And I want Bryan with me this time!

4)  Back to Spain!  I want to go back to Barcelona and enjoy the Mediterranean
sun and sand and sea with Bryan this time!  Oh, and I want to go back to  Toledo too.

5)  To Greece!  I want to go see the ruins left from the myths--to walk in the footsteps of the legends.
And, of course, enjoy the beautiful beaches and islands!

6)  To Any one of the beaches in Frommer's Best Caribbean Beaches list!!!
Preferably Antigua ;-)!


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