Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Menu Planning Wednesday!

Well this week is going to be a short planning session!
After all, it's already Wednesday!

Breakfast:  egg and fruit or yogurt with cottage cheese and milk
Lunch:  turkey and cheese sandwich for me, leftovers or buying for Bryan
MONDAY:  Valentine's Day!  My sweet hubby made his wonderful Crawfish in a Bundle!
TUESDAY:  I was having a bad day so Bryan and I went to Freebirds!  Yum.
WEDNESDAY:  Chicken Marsala
FRIDAY:  Pita Pizzas!
SATURDAY:  Something bad for me, I'm sure.  I'm helping chaperon a Latin tournament, so I won't be home until after 8 pm and will probably have tournament food for lunch and dinner.  Bryan has SOT stuff going on, so I'm sure he'll eat with all the guys.
SUNDAY:  Spaghetti with a big salad.  Or possibly tacos.  Depends on what the hubby is hungry for.


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