Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What To Do, What To Do...

Pour some mustard in your shoe!
Does anyone else remember that Shel Silverstein poem?
It's actually called Nothing To Do, but seeing as I actually have LOTS to do, I modified the first verse lol.
Shel Silverstein was one of my favorite poets when I was in elementary school...ok, he was my ONLY poet!
I loved his poems and they always made me laugh.

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the books and poems that I read as a kid.
Now that Bryan and I are trying to add a baby to our family, we've been talking about things that we need in the baby's room.
The first thing both of us put on our list is a bookshelf.
I mean, yes, a crib is important, BUT.  Lol.
While we were talking about where to put said shelf in the room, I started thinking about all the books I want to put on it.
Shel Silverstein is a must, the Berenstein Bears, lots of the Golden books, the Disney books, etc.
I even bough an old Berenstein Bears book at Book Haven the other day--Bears on Wheels!

I know, I know.  We're not even pregnant yet!
Not to mention that, eventually, the kiddo will start expressing his/her own taste in books and any that I buy will be relegated to boxes or maybe (MAYBE) Half-Priced Books.
I've just had so much fun thinking about books from my childhood that I want to share with my kiddo!

Oh, and did I mention I think I've narrowed nursery furniture down to two sets?
This one and this one!
Bryan is having a lot of fun laughing at me lol.
Oh well!  I'm having fun!
And at least once we find out we're pregnant, there will be a little bit less to think about and plan!
Hope y'all are having a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. The book I remember most from my childhood is Alexander's terrible horrible no good very bad day. LOL. Probably speaks really sad volumes about my childhood. LOL.
    I like the first set for the nursery. If we ever had a baby I would want a circle crib. Probably the most impractical crib in the world but its so stinkin cute.
    Besides wanting the healthiest baby in the World....do you want a boy or a girl?

  2. Lol that was a good book! I also liked the Hungry Caterpillar. The first set is also my favorite BUT I really like the combination chest of drawers on the second...decisions decisions lol! Like you said, healthy happy baby is the priority--but we both would like to have a little boy. Of course, there's also a lot we'd enjoy about having a little girl too. I'm just excited about the whole thing!!! :-D Thanks for the comment!


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