Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!!

Hooray for WILW!  It's time again to reflect on the things that make me smile!
I'm happy to say that this week is going much better than last week (thank goodness)!
So, here's a list of what I'm loving today!

1.  I'm loving the beautiful flowers my hubby got me for Valentine's Day last week!
Ok, so maybe he didn't actually get them for my on V-Day BUT he did get them!

2.  I'm loving!  It's allowing me to have my ongoing InuYasha marathon WITHOUT spending the hundreds of dollars it would take to actually own the series!

3.  In case #2 didn't cover it--I'm loving INUYASHA!!!

4.  I'm loving today's weather...well, the weather from today at about 1 pm.
I took a wonderful walk and saw some HUGE turtles sunning themselves on the banks of one of the "lakes" behind our neighborhood.

5.  I'm loving Weight Watchers--almost 10 pounds down!

6.  I am LOVING Girl Scout Cookies!
4 Thin Mints are only 4 WW points, as are 2 Caramel Delights!
Those are my favorites!!!

7.  I am loving that my house has managed to stay fairly clean even though #3 is taking up a lot of time lol.

8.  I'm loving DSW because I bought 3 more pairs of cute flats for only $70!
Like my black ones, two of the pairs are Rocket Dog flats!

9.  I'm loving my family!  
Mom, Dad and Austin are heading down this weekend to help us paint!

 10.  I'm loving that our first batch of home brew will be ready in time for this weekend!
11.  I'm loving that Bryan and I are trying to make a baby!

12. And, of course, I'm loving my hubby!
He is such a wonderful, supportive guy and sure does make me smile a lot!


  1. Yay for home brew! There is nothing better. :)

  2. Amen to Hulu!!!! I've recently discovered that myself (incidentally, you should check out The Dresden Files, both the show and the books- should be right up your alley! Ooooh, and if you're on an anime kick again, look for Jubei-chan, you'll love it!)

  3. Tami--It's our first batch and I am sooo excited!!! I have high hopes for it AND for the home brew wine we're planning on making soon!

    Fins--Thanks for the recommendations! I look forward to reading/watching them ^_^. Miss you lots chica!


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