Friday, February 11, 2011

All You Need is Love! Day 5

Howdy everyone!
Happy Friday!

Today's topic:
What I {LOVE} about my friends is...

Today has been a good day, mostly, but has also been kinda stressful.
Which is why I'm glad that friends are today's topic because, quite frankly, my friends ROCK!

What I {LOVE} about my friends is:

1)  They are the sisters and brothers life has given me!

  2)  We listen to our vents, commiserate with each other when we're upset, and help each other keep perspective all at once!

3)  We always have fun together!

4) We can talk about pretty much anything, anytime, any place lol.

5)  No matter how far away they are, or how long it's been, we can always pick up a conversation as if it were paused just moments before, and we always enjoy spending time together!

6)  Last but certainly not least, I {LOVE} that my best friend is also the love of my life!


  1. Awww thanks! It was taken at our friends' wedding!


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