Saturday, February 25, 2012

Special Delivery!

Hello all!  I know...a 3 month hiatus is a bit extreme, even for me!  However, I promise I have a very good reason.


I thought about posting sooner, but it was a case of my mind (and heart) being SO FULL that I just couldn't bring myself to write any of it down.  If I had started, I don't know if I would have been able to stop!  
As I've mentioned before, Bryan and I had been trying to get me pregnant since February of 2011.  Having gone off of all my RA medications back in November of 2010, we knew we only had until January of 2012 to try.  At that point, my rheumatologist really wanted me back on my meds...and as of the beginning of this past December, we were beginning to feel that was exactly what was going to happen.  In other words, we were getting a bit discouraged.  At one point, we even decided to stop trying altogether.  Obviously, that decision didn't stick lol.

On Christmas Day, I took a home pregnancy test, and it came back positive!  I'm now 13 weeks along, and we just had our first trimester screening ultrasound.  The baby looks completely healthy, and sure likes to kick and squirm!  I can't feel the movements yet, of course, but they were fun to watch on the ultrasound screen!

In another 5 weeks we'll find out for sure what we're having!  I'm just glad the baby is healthy, and glad to have made it through the first trimester.  I know I'm still very early in my pregnancy, but all signs are indicating a strong, healthy little one growing inside me!

The increase in my sense of smell is unreal, and the nausea hasn't been pleasant...but it also hasn't been too bad!  I've only thrown up once!  And this past week it finally started to get slightly better!  That said, morning sickness is a misnomer.  I get nauseous in the evenings, which has made figuring out dinners a challenge!  But that's ok...hopefully in a couple more weeks I'll be mostly nausea free and can start cooking again!

Our due date is September 2nd, but the baby will be here in August.  Because of my high risk status, my OBGyn wants to schedule an induction sometime in the second half of August, which is perfectly fine by me!  Oh, and you can bet your behind that I WILL have an epidural lol!
So, that's what's been going on with me the past few months! 
 Bryan and I are so very excited about our little one!


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