Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blocking My First Shawl!

A little while back, I bought what I like to call my giganto-ball-o-yarn!  It's actually a yarn from Feza Yarn, specifically their Alp Oriental brand.  I loved the blues that this ball had on it's surface, and, judging by the tassels provided, figured that the interior colors would be spectacular as well!

I looked around at some different patterns that use this yarn, trying to decide if I wanted to make a bag or a hat or a jacket or something.  I finally settled on a 1-skein scarf pattern and got to work!  The pattern was very simple, even though I had to adjust my original number of cast-on stitches to allow for my smaller needles.  I was using size 15 needles, and yes, even those were smaller than the pattern called for!  Anyway, adjustments made, this shawl only took me about a day to knit up!  Once I had finished, I realized that, with a project like this, I needed to go ahead and sink block.  What's sink blocking, you ask?

Well, that's where you fill the sink up with tepid water and Eucalan and immerse your project.  The most important thing to remember is DO NOT AGITATE THE PROJECT.  You'll felt the yarn.  Anyway, you let it soak for at least 30 minutes, and then you drain the soap water and refill the sink with clean tepid water.  Then you let the project soak another 30 minutes or so to rinse.  You might have to do this twice.
Once that's done, you drain the water yet again carefully remove the sopping wet project from the sink, being careful not to let it hang and stretch.  Next, gently spread it out on a towel, still being careful not to felt the yarn.  Then roll it up in the towel and step on the towel to get all the excess water out.  This is also a great way to get part of your floor clean! 
Finally, you stretch your project out on a blocking surface (indoors, out of the sun) and pin it if you want to.  I spread towels over the top of my kitchen island and used that!  You let the project air dry and then you're done with blocking!
So, I'm allllmost done with this shawl!  I'm still going to add the fringe to the bottom, but that won't take long at all.  As I mentioned previously, this shawl is really more of a shoulder wrap.  I love the colors and textures in this project and am so excited to be almost finished!

There's Something in the Water

And I sure would like to drink it!
What am I talking about?
Well, there's this phenomenon that I observed both Spring semesters when I was teaching high school.
Between the months of February and May babies start popping up and out everywhere!
This year, because I'm no longer teaching, I didn't really think I would observe this trend.  After all, a trend in the overwhelmingly female-dominated profession of teaching does not necessarily carry over into the "real world".
I'm happy to say I was wrong!

In the past couple of months, two of my friends have announced their pregnancies (congrats Arena!), two have had babies--three, including one blog friend (congrats Emily!)--and one is ready to deliver any day now (congrats Meredith!).  I'm so happy for all of my friends!  I can't wait for it to be our turn, so ladies, exactly what water have y'all been drinking? lol

Anyway, I know I haven't posted in a week--things were kinda stressful around here.  Good, but stressful.  My mother-in-law came to stay with us last week, which was a ton of fun!  In between her massage sessions (she's the best message therapist ever!) we chatted and caught up, drank tea and wine, and had a good time.  My sister-in-law came over to hang out one day and we baked scones!  We also watched the first couple of episodes of Corpse Princess on Netflix.

On the downside, I had a pretty bad RA flare that lasted from Wednesday morning all the way through Thursday.  And that plain sucked!  And right as I was coming out of that, I got a fever blister.  SUCK.  I took my body's hints and took it pretty easy on Friday and this weekend.  I went to Tiffany's birthday lunch, but other than that, I just took it easy and did some laundry and light cleaning.

Oh!  And I made some great progress on my knitting projects!
I finished my first of two maroon banana silk scarves!  I used a drop-stitch pattern and size 15 needles to knit one skein into this pretty scarf!  I love it and can't wait til it's the colder part of Aggie football season to break it out!  I also bought a second skein--I'm going to make another of the same scarf as a surprise present for a friend who's moving away.  Her's will turn out much better than mine because I have the pattern down now!  I'll probably get quite a bit of it done tonight at Sit&Stitch!

I also blocked my shawl!  It looks so pretty!
It's not a super-long shawl, but more of a shoulder wrap.  I love the different colors and textures!
I still have to add the fringe, but other than that, that's another project down!

I also went to Park Avenue Yarns and bought the yarn and needles for my next project!
I'm going to attempt a fairly complicated lacy shawl I found on Ravelry.com!
Starting that is going to wait until after I finish the next scarf.

This weekend Bryan and I just hung out around the house, helped Lindsay and Ben move on Saturday, went to church on Sunday, and hung out with Bouncer and Alicia on Monday!  Alicia and I also went to see Bridesmaids--it was a really funny and cute movie!  All in all it was a great weekend!

Today, I overslept, so no water aerobics.  I also feel icky, so I'm taking it easy.  Hopefully my body will get it's act together soon!  Oh well.  Anyway, that just about catches up on what I've been up to!  I hope everyone else had a great week and Memorial Day weekend!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tinking and Frogging

At my last knitting class at Park Avenue Yarns (LOVE that place!), I learned how to undo knitting.  It wasn't until Tuesday night at Sit&Stitch that I learned that to undo knitting is to TINK it!  Why is it called tinking?
Because TINK is KNIT spelled backwards!  Lol isn't that cool?
Another knitting term that I actually knew before Tuesday night is frogging.  To frog a project is to rip it apart completely.  Why is it called frogging?
Because when you tear a project apart, you "ripit ripit ripit".  
Say it out loud, and you'll get it.   Lol I love knitting terms--they provide such a clever source of entertainment!

Speaking of frogging things, I had to completely frog my dark green hand warmers Tuesday.  It was very frustrating!  And it was all my own fault.  I had completely finished knitting both hand warmers and was getting ready to sew them up!

And that's when I realized my mistake.  The pattern said to bind off LOOSELY and I...yeah I totally ignored that.  I bound off too tightly for the hand warmers to fit around my hands when sewn.  I tried to TINK the bindoff, tried to salvage what I had already made...and failed miserable.  So, I ended up frogging all my work.  :-(

Then, I shook myself out of my frustration and started again!  I had completely finished knitting one by the time Sit&Stitch started--after having made two already I found that I could work the pattern much faster than before!  I went to Sit&Stitch and sewed up the first one and started on the second!  I love Sit&Stitch night--hanging out with the girls is always so much fun!

By the end of Sit&Stitch I had almost finished knitting the second.  But then I started making silly mistakes and having to TINK repeatedly.  At that point, it was 9:30 and definitely time to head home.  I considered just leaving finishing for Wednesday, but that didn't sit right with me lol.  So, I went ahead and finished Tuesday night!  Here's what they look like!

They're a bit baggier than the original pattern's picture, but that's probably because I used a larger gauge yarn AND larger needles.  I still think they're cute and they're DEFINITELY comfy!  I love my new squishy green hand warmers!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Menu Planning on a Wednesday!

Normally, Bryan and I run on a Monday to Monday food schedule.  That is, I would plan Monday to Monday and then we'd go to the grocery store Monday evening for the next week.  Well, the introduction of out-to-eat nights and family events has slowly backed our schedule to a Wednesday to Wednesday time frame.  Now, this probably won't stop me from still posting the Menu Plan on Mondays most weeks, but this week it's Menu Planning Wednesday!  On top of that, Mama Lynn is coming on Sunday!!!  So, I'm going to try to plan out some non-chicken/beef/venison dishes for while she's here!

Breakfast:  some combination of egg, toast, fruit and/or yogurt with cottage cheese with milk
Lunch:  turkey and cheese sandwich for me, leftovers or buying for Bryan
MONDAY:  We had spaghetti!
TUESDAY: Sit and Stitch! I think this is gradually turning into a Sonic night for me...and I'm completely fine with that!
THURSDAY:  Gan Gan's Meatloaf
FRIDAY:  Pita Pizzas!  Bryan will be out of town for Guys Weekend with SOT, but I'm still gonna get my pizza fix!
SATURDAY:  I'll be going out to eat with Bryanne-Michelle if the plans align...otherwise, leftover meatloaf!
SUNDAY:  Mama Lynn will be in town!  Honey-Glazed Tilapia either tonight or tomorrow night.
MONDAY:  Coconut Shrimp
TUESDAY:  Sit and Stitch!  I'll probably grab something quick again.

Monday, May 16, 2011

3rd Wedding Anniversary!!!

Today--May 16, 2011--marks three years since I married my wonderful man!  I can't believe it's already been three years!  The time has flown by so very quickly.  Well, most of the time.  Some of the time, as we love to joke, I can believe every damn day lol.  There are moments that I still stop and marvel at how blessed I am to have found my match, and how grateful I am for everything--yes, even the bad--that has led us here to the wonderful relationship we have.  I don't think those moments will ever completely disappear, and I sure don't want them to!

Our first anniversary, Bryan took me to see Tom Stoppard's Rock and Roll at the Alley Theater, and then we ate at the Rock and Roll Cafe.  Last year, we played it much more low key, and painted the upstairs and then went out for a yummy sushi dinner at Masa Sushi.  This year, Bryan had a whole different type of plan up his sleeve!  We got up early--around 8:30ish--and got ready for the day.  Before we left, we exchanged the gifts we had gotten one another.  I got him some new brewing equipment and a Landshark Lager beer tap handle!  He was going to buy me this amazing knitting purse--yes, I used amazing to refer to a purse lol--from Park Avenue Yarns...but it had sold earlier in the week!  So, instead, he got me a veeery nice gift certificate so that I could order my purse from Michelle!

Then we headed out to our destination--THE ZOO!!!!!
I LOVE the Zoo!  I seriously devolved into a five-year-old when I heard his plan!  Complete with jumping in place and squealing.  I don't know why I get so excited about the Zoo--I just do.  So, we jumped in the car and headed downtown.  It was perfect weather--sunny, in the 70s--so a lot of people had the same idea we did.  It took us a while to find a parking spot, but eventually a handicap spot opened up--the Gimp-mobile saves the day again!  We got our tickets and Bryan donated $2 so that I could get an awesome conservation support wristband.  Then, with me again devolving into a little kid over me super-cool wristband, we entered the Houston Zoo!

We got lunch at the cafe by the entrance--best wraps EVER--and then went to aquarium!  When we went to the Zoo back in September, the aquarium portion was closed so we were both excited to see what kinds of critters were there.  There were many amazing fish--as was to be expected--but there were also beautiful jellyfish AND a cute sea turtle!  His/her shell was gorgeous, but he/she wouldn't hold still long enough for me to get a picture of it.  I was doubly excited to see the sea turtle, because that was the wrist band I chose.  Support the Sea Turtles!!!

Next, we headed to the monkey exhibits!  My favorites were the little red-tail playing with it's best friend, the swamp monkey, and Rudy the orangutan!  The other orangutans were being shy, but Rudy came right over to where we were standing and laid down in front of us eating leaves from a branch.  He kept watching us, watching him--it was so neat!

After that we wound our way to the newest part of the Zoo--the African Forest.  They have this all set up as a journey that was taken by a downed pilot named Tommy.  You start at Tommy's crash site camp, and then follow him into a mock-pygmy village!  All the while, they have a sort of scavenger hunt to find a legendary ape-like creature...I'm so going to take my kid there in the future!  Of course, Bryan and I had a lot of fun ourselves!!!

The African Forest is now home to the chimpanzees, rhinos, and giraffes, as well as some antelope-like critters whose names I don't remember.  We had a lot of fun watching the antics of the chimps, and really enjoyed getting to see the rhinos and giraffes!

We kept going, seeing the cats, small and large, and the bears.  We also swung through the Children's Zoo to see the bald eagle and the otters, as well as the red fox, Texas turkey and whitetails.  I also made sure that we went to see the vultures--they are just SO COOL--and, of course, the elephants.  I took waaay more critter pictures than I can share here, and we also stopped and took some fun pictures with the various critter statues throughout the Zoo.

We also went to see one of the giant storks...maybe he'll actually do his job and bring us a present sooner rather than later lol!

We stayed at the Zoo for about three and a half hours, until I could no longer ignore the building aches and pains.  Lol I'm still recovering today but it was TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!  We headed back to the house and spent an hour or so resting, because my wonderful husband's plans didn't stop at the Zoo!  After we had rested up and drank some water, we got dressed up a bit nicer and headed out to a movie and dinner!  Our funny expressions in this picture is thanks to my silly camera timer lol.

Bryan took me to see Thor!  I loved it--I'm a sucker for superhero movies lol.  Afterwards, he took me to Kim Sons...easily the best Thai food place in Houston.  We had a wonderful meal--and I had a yummy glass of plum wine--and then shared a creme brulee for dessert before heading back home.  It was a wonderful anniversary--I enjoyed every minute of it!  And I especially enjoyed that my sweet, loving husband planned it all out and that we had such a good time spending the day together!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Who I Am

I found this over at Live a Charmed Life!  It seems like a lot of fun, so I'm joining in!  Now, I'm off to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary!  Yes, our actual anniversary isn't until Monday (May 16th), but since celebrating on a Saturday is a much better idea, Bryan has something planned for today!  I can't wait to find out what it is!

Who I Am
{via Cmae}

I am...Kristen!  I'm 26 years old, celebrating 3 years being married to a wonderful man this Monday, and a stay-at-home wife due to disability.  I am, along with my husband of course, trying to get pregnant with our first baby!

I want...to learn Japanese!  Japan is one of so many different places that I want to travel to--listing them all would take too much time.  I also want to learn Russian.

I have...Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is really sucking right now because of the weather change.

I wish...that I was already pregnant!

I hate...feeling useless and ineffective and helpless. 

I fear...completely screwing up as a mom.  I fear being a burden to others and ending up in a wheel chair.  Oh, and cockroaches.  Definitely cockroaches.

I hear...Roswell!  NetFlix is on and I'm watching Roswell lol.

I search...Google.  I love Google.

I wonder...if I'll be able to make my weight loss goal before I get pregnant and only gain the healthy amount while I'm pregnant.  I wonder if I'll be able to lose the weight quickly after having the baby.

I regret...NOTHING!  Just kidding.  I regret the times that I didn't stand up for myself back in college, but even regretting it, I don't know that I'd go back and change anything.  That might change the way things have turned out, and I wouldn't do that for anything!

I love...Bryan!  And my dogs!  And my family and friends!

I ache...constantly, though the past few days have been worse than normal.  Silly RA and weather changes.

I always...have cold feet.  Not in the metaphorical sense, but in the sense that my feet are always cold!  I think I shall knit some slippers.

I usually...read a lot more than I have been lately.  I blame knitting and NetFlix!  That said I'm rereading one of my favorite book series!

I am not...completely adjusted to being a stay-at-home wife yet, but on days like this, I sure am glad I don't have to limp my achy bones to work!

I dance...in my living room and while cleaning!  And at weddings and when I go out with friends of course.

I sing...poorly lol.  But that doesn't stop me from singing in the car, the shower, around the house!

I never...have doubted God's presence or love for me...even though my belief structure and outlook have changed dramatically in the past decade.

I sometimes...daydream about packing our bags, driving to the airport and getting on a plane with Bryan and just going somewhere tropical--no planning, no budgeting--just going.

I cry...more now than I did when I was younger.  That said, I still HATE crying, especially in front of other people.

I am not always...rational.  Of course, who is?  But I don't always realize I'm not being rational at the time lol.

I lose...my keys and my hairbrush ALL THE TIME!  I swear the things have their own legs and like to walk off.

I am confused...by purposeful ignorance.  I don't understand why people willingly choose to let fear stop them from learning about other cultures and beliefs, and I especially don't understand when they choose to stop learning about their own beliefs.

I need...to take a religious studies class again.  I need to find a way to plug in to our church without feeling suffocated.  I need to clean house before my mother-in-law comes in on Sunday.  I need 4 more Gold Bars in Garden of Time of Facebook lol!

I should...be doing laundry and cleaning right now.  Lol oh well.  Time for that later.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Faith Friday: Wives, Submit

Ephesians 5:22-24
22 Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. 23 For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. 24 Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.

Is anybody surprised that I have a HUGE problem with this verse?  No?  I wonder why not lol.  Anyway, on to what has prompted this Faith Friday post.

As I'm sure everyone has gathered from reading this blog, I don't really get out of the house much anymore.  Really, there are only a few regular outings in my week--grocery store, church, water aerobics and Sit & Stitch.  I know, my life is a thrill a minute!  Anyways, out of those four, Sit&Stitch and water aerobics are really the only places that I find myself interacting with non-family-and-close-friend people on a personal level.  That said, I do consider some of the folks that I'm getting to know as friends.  We talk about our lives and enjoy each others' company.  So, generally, we know about major events and sometimes even get the stories behind them.  For instance, this past week, on of these wonderful people told me that she and her husband of 13 years are getting a divorce.

I was shocked.  I mean, I know it happens fairly regularly in this day and age, but this chick is so bubbly and upbeat.  She's always positive and smiling and a lot of fun to be around.  I couldn't believe that someone would divorce her.  Then I found out it was actually the other way around--she was divorcing him.  We talked about it for a bit--actually, I just listened.  It seemed like she needed someone to talk to, and I was more than happy to be there for her in that capacity.  I'm sure there were many issues that she didn't discuss with me, but there was one that I think might have been either a core or a major contributing factor:  
Ephesians 5:22-24. 

I hear the objections now.  How can a Bible verse cause divorce?  Well, it's not so much the verse as it is the way the verse is wielded by well-meaning (and sometimes not-so-well-meaning) church-goers.

Back to my friend.  She and her husband got married fairly young.  Going into their marriage, she was told with (to me) appalling regularity and seriousness that a "good Christian wife submits to her husband in ALL THINGS".  And she took that very much to heart, wanting to be both a good Christian and a good wife.  So, for the past 13 years, she submitted to her husband in pretty much anything.  According to her, the last time she stood up and told him no on a decision was 8 years ago.  She truly believed that this was the right thing to do, and did her best to live up to this (to me) ridiculous standard--right up until the point where it almost broke her.  And then she got out before she completely lost herself.

I can't help but wonder how her marriage might have been different without the emphasis on Ephesians 5:22-24, and wonder how many women out there have erased their own personalities and desires and opinions because of the misuse of this verse.  With that in mind, here are my problems with the way "Wives, submit" is used.

1)  This verse reflects the patriarchal society that Ephesians was written in, NOT the actual will of God.
God created Adam AND Eve in His own image (Gen. 1).  Eve was created as Adam's companion, his helper.  In other words, his partner.  Yes, God used Adam's rib, but in no way was that meant to make Eve subservient.  Instead, it was to illustrate the intimate connection between husband and wife--bone of bone and flesh of flesh.  Also, when God blessed mankind (Gen. 1) and gave mankind dominion over the earth and all the critters, He spoke to BOTH Adam AND Eve.  God treated man and woman as equals and partners.  It wasn't until the introduction of human society and culture that the emphasis on wives being subordinate to husbands came into play.

2)  The emphasis put on this verse by certain churches and church-goers demands that the wife deny who God made her to be.
Submitting to another person in all things means that you are denying yourself.  When you must let someone else dictate what happens in your life, you must stifle your own wants, ideas, and opinions.  God created each of us to be ourselves, so why in the world would He suddenly demand that we deny how He created us just because we enter into the bonds of matrimony?  That just makes no sense at all.

3)  People use this verse to insist that the only way to have a happy, successful Godly marriage is for the husband to be the head of the household in all things.
In regards to Ephesians 5:22-24 defining a Godly marriage, see my above two points.  In regards to having a happy, successful marriage--obviously that's not the case.  For my friend, following this verse's strictures led to a marriage that was anything but.  Most of the marriages that I know that are truly happy and successful function because the wife and husband are partners that compromise with one another when they disagree.

4)  Everyone seems to forget the second part of these instructions:  Ephesians 5:25-33.
This is where husbands are instructed to love their wives as Jesus loved the church and as they love their own bodies.  First of all, Jesus loved PEOPLE--as in individuals.  Also, I don't know about the men y'all know, but the men in my life would be seriously pissed off if they were expected to completely give up control over their decisions and their lives to another person.  So, if husbands truly love their wives as they love themselves, then they should love them as the individuals they are AND want their wives to feel free to express themselves--which goes completely against Ephesians 5:22-24.

So, to conclude, I see Ephesians 5:22-24 as a verse that tells us more about the culture at the time and actually has nothing to do with God's will for marriage.  I hate that this verse has been the cause of women completely giving up themselves as individuals for the sake of marriage.  Even more, I hate that it has undermined marriages that could have been happy and successful if they had been entered into with the understanding that God actually created man and woman to enter into marriage as each others' helper and partner.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I Love Wednesday!

I love Wednesdays!  And I love this blog topic.  It makes good days great and bad days bearable.  Maybe I should have remembered to post last week!  Lol.  Happily, this week is going MUCH better, and I have a lot of things to love!  If you want to share what you're loving this Wednesday, or see what everyone else is loving, link up here!

1) I am LOVING my TOES!!!  My friend Lindsay's birthday was this past Sunday, and a few days prior, she and I got together for lunch and pedicures at my favorite nail place.  They serve wine on top of giving AMAZING foot rubs!  Not to mention, they always paint the prettiest flowers on my toes!
2) I am LOVING that my Lillies of the Nile AND my Gardenias are blooming up a storm again this spring!  I was worried that it would be too dry for them, but they are doing fantastically!

3) I am LOVING the book I'm reading on my Kindle:  Angry Conversations with God by Susan E. Issacs.  I don't share her background nor some of her basic assumptions about church and God, and I don't necessarily agree with some of the conclusions she draws; however, I enjoy her wit and insight, and very much enjoy following her spiritual journey--especially since I've faced similar trials on my own journey.

4) I am LOVING my paint-by-number eye shadow!  I am still pretty new to the whole eye shadow world, and it's nice to have everything laid out for me in terms of what to put where for a nice shading effect.  Plus I love the color!

5) I am LOVING my new knitting project!  I'm making myself some fingerless hand warmers out of my Dark Green Origins yarn.  I'm hoping they'll help counteract my hands getting cold (silly circulation) but still let me type and turn pages and pick up mugs and the like.  I started and finished knitting one at Sit&Stitch last night, PLUS this is my first pattern for something other than a scarf or scarf alternative!

6) I am LOVING my 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe!  My wonderful parents bought and surprised me with this car my freshman year of college.  It is dirty, a bit beat up, and has a few quirks, BUT it has run from here to (in no particular order) Spring to CS to Arkansas to Galveston to Junction to Fredericksberg to Austin to Dallas/Ft. Worth to Sommerville to Conroe to...well you get the point.  It's run all over this state with me and has been a great car!

7) As always, I am LOVING my hubby!  He makes me laugh and supports me, and respects my right to disagree with him.  He listens to my point of view and works with me to reach compromises when we don't see eye to eye.  He does random and surprisingly sweet things for me and works very hard to provide for our family.  On top of all of THAT, he even takes pictures with me in wedding reception photo booths!  I sure do love my man!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Knitting My Cares Away!

Last week was a pretty rough week on the homefront.  The stir-craziness level had reached an all new high.  Thankfully, this weekend was awesome and cured some of that.  The rest of the cabin fever was held at bay by--what else?--knitting projects!

Mostly I've still been working with the Malabrigo Merino Worsted Tuareg.  I've made a discovery about this particular color, however--it apparently has a LOT of "free dye".  As a result, I now have very pretty blue size 10.5 knitting needles lol.  To make sure that the free dye doesn't liberate itself onto clothing, I'm going to have to actually block the traditional way--tub of water, drops of color-setting solution, squeeze with towels and lay out to dry--before I give the finished products to their intended recipients.

Speaking of, Bryanne-Michelle's scarf is done, except for blocking!  It turned out wonderfully, and I'm very excited about the rib pattern that I used.

I also finished knitting mom's Mother's Day cowl!  Not in time for Mother's Day, but at least it's done.  On Sunday I showed it to mom and measured it around her neck.  Even though I thought I still had 8" to go, it was the perfect length!  I still have to block it, twist it, and seem the ends, but mom's really excited about it!

Tonight at Sit&Knit, I'm going to start on my hand warmers!  It's the first actual PATTERN pattern that I've attempted with various stitch types and using two different sizes of needles!  As you can probably tell by the exclamations, I'm pretty excited lol.  I figure I'll tackle those, and then start my pretty scarves, and my shawl.  

I'm so glad that I learned to knit, and that it's something crafty that I actually enjoy.  It helps pass the days and keep my from going completely crazy being home full-time.  As the baby is still a work in progress, it's nice to have something to focus on that provides goals and deadlines.  Not to mention I look forward to Sit&Stitch at Park Avenue Yarns every Tuesday--I have so much fun getting out of the house and hanging out with the girls!  Honestly, even though I didn't find a Bible study at church, I don't really feel the lack anymore.

Anywho, time to change the laundry out and look at getting some lunch fixed.  I've finally kicked my butt back on to Weight Watchers, and onto a regular workout routine again (water aerobics Tues and Thurs, 30 minute walk Mon, Weds and maaaybe Fri), so hooray for getting back on track to weight loss and establishing healthy patterns before getting pregnant!


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