Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tinking and Frogging

At my last knitting class at Park Avenue Yarns (LOVE that place!), I learned how to undo knitting.  It wasn't until Tuesday night at Sit&Stitch that I learned that to undo knitting is to TINK it!  Why is it called tinking?
Because TINK is KNIT spelled backwards!  Lol isn't that cool?
Another knitting term that I actually knew before Tuesday night is frogging.  To frog a project is to rip it apart completely.  Why is it called frogging?
Because when you tear a project apart, you "ripit ripit ripit".  
Say it out loud, and you'll get it.   Lol I love knitting terms--they provide such a clever source of entertainment!

Speaking of frogging things, I had to completely frog my dark green hand warmers Tuesday.  It was very frustrating!  And it was all my own fault.  I had completely finished knitting both hand warmers and was getting ready to sew them up!

And that's when I realized my mistake.  The pattern said to bind off LOOSELY and I...yeah I totally ignored that.  I bound off too tightly for the hand warmers to fit around my hands when sewn.  I tried to TINK the bindoff, tried to salvage what I had already made...and failed miserable.  So, I ended up frogging all my work.  :-(

Then, I shook myself out of my frustration and started again!  I had completely finished knitting one by the time Sit&Stitch started--after having made two already I found that I could work the pattern much faster than before!  I went to Sit&Stitch and sewed up the first one and started on the second!  I love Sit&Stitch night--hanging out with the girls is always so much fun!

By the end of Sit&Stitch I had almost finished knitting the second.  But then I started making silly mistakes and having to TINK repeatedly.  At that point, it was 9:30 and definitely time to head home.  I considered just leaving finishing for Wednesday, but that didn't sit right with me lol.  So, I went ahead and finished Tuesday night!  Here's what they look like!

They're a bit baggier than the original pattern's picture, but that's probably because I used a larger gauge yarn AND larger needles.  I still think they're cute and they're DEFINITELY comfy!  I love my new squishy green hand warmers!


  1. They are adorable!! I wish that I knew how to knit...or crochet...or sew. Anything!!

  2. Thanks Megan! Knitting is pretty awesome and not hard to learn at all! Hope you're having a great day!


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