Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Menu Planning on a Wednesday!

Normally, Bryan and I run on a Monday to Monday food schedule.  That is, I would plan Monday to Monday and then we'd go to the grocery store Monday evening for the next week.  Well, the introduction of out-to-eat nights and family events has slowly backed our schedule to a Wednesday to Wednesday time frame.  Now, this probably won't stop me from still posting the Menu Plan on Mondays most weeks, but this week it's Menu Planning Wednesday!  On top of that, Mama Lynn is coming on Sunday!!!  So, I'm going to try to plan out some non-chicken/beef/venison dishes for while she's here!

Breakfast:  some combination of egg, toast, fruit and/or yogurt with cottage cheese with milk
Lunch:  turkey and cheese sandwich for me, leftovers or buying for Bryan
MONDAY:  We had spaghetti!
TUESDAY: Sit and Stitch! I think this is gradually turning into a Sonic night for me...and I'm completely fine with that!
THURSDAY:  Gan Gan's Meatloaf
FRIDAY:  Pita Pizzas!  Bryan will be out of town for Guys Weekend with SOT, but I'm still gonna get my pizza fix!
SATURDAY:  I'll be going out to eat with Bryanne-Michelle if the plans align...otherwise, leftover meatloaf!
SUNDAY:  Mama Lynn will be in town!  Honey-Glazed Tilapia either tonight or tomorrow night.
MONDAY:  Coconut Shrimp
TUESDAY:  Sit and Stitch!  I'll probably grab something quick again.


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