Friday, June 18, 2010

Hawaiian Pita Pizzas

Bryan and I worked together to make Hawaiian Pita Pizzas dinner on Wednesday night!  I had found this idea on Gimme Some Oven, a wonderful food and recipe blog by Ali.  She has some wonderfully fresh and easy recipes.  I'm especially looking forward to trying out her recipe for cream cheese icing!

The great thing about Hawaiian Pita Pizzas is that making them is less a matter of recipe than it is a matter of how to.  :-)

The ingredients:
Wheat pitas
Pizza sauce
Shredded cheese
Sliced canadian bacon, or sliced ham
Chunks of pineapple

As always, the very first step is to preheat the oven--this time, to 425 degrees.  Next, lay out pitas on a cookie sheet.  It is not necessary to Pam the cookie sheet, but I always do anyway.  On our cookie sheet, we were able to fit four pitas.

The next step is to take the pizza sauce and spoon a couple of tablespoons worth onto each pita.  For the record, pizza sauce IS different from spaghetti sauce!  I'm sure most of y'all knew that already, but I sure didn't!  Lol.  I found my pizza sauce in the Italian section of the international foods row.

After spreading the sauce around evenly on each pita, line the Canadian bacon (or ham) on top.  Then, sprinkle the shredded cheese until you reach your preferred cheese thickness.

Once you are satisfied with your cheese, add on the pineapple chunks and any more slices of Canadian bacon (or ham) that you desire.

Now the pizzas are ready to pop in the oven!  Bake them for 8-12 minutes.  In my oven, 8 minutes will result in a very soft pita, 10 minutes will give you a pita with slightly crispy edges, and 12 minutes gives you very crunchy edges with a firmer center.  Regardless, they will taste wonderfully!

I used my wonderful pizza slicer to cut each pizza into quarters.  We really enjoyed making and then consuming our Hawaiian Pita Pizzas!
* You can also use this recipe to make Cheese Pita Pizzas (just leave off the Canadian bacon or ham and pineapples) or Pepperoni Pita Pizzas (leave off the pineapples and substitute pepperoni slices for the Canadian bacon or ham).  Both turn out wonderfully as well!


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