Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Oh how I hope I don't fall back off!  I already have some ground to make up--when I weighed in last Friday, I had gone up three pounds to 162.  Not too bad, but not too good either, and definitely in the wrong direction!

That said, I'm off to a good start!  I got up this morning and went to the 9am water aerobics class at the gym.  Holy cow can I tell that I've only been twice in the past two months!!!  Class just about kicked my butt!  I also swam three laps and then relaxed in the hot tub for a bit....sooo nice and warm!  Also, I listened in on a talk our instructor was having with another class member about eating healthy--combining whole grains, lean protein, and fiber.  She also is a fan of the "grazing" eating method (which I do so love!), which means eating every three hours during the day.  In between meals, you eat a snack combining the types of food mentioned above.  I don't know how strictly I'll follow this, but at least its a good guideline for food ingredients!

Speaking of food, here's my calorie count for the day:
Breakfast: Instant Oatmean--160 calories
Snack:  1 serving of imitation crab meat--80 calories
Lunch:  Subway Orchard Chicken Salad Sandwich--400 calories

So, at lunch I had consumed 640 calories.  I've also snacked on some cherry tomatoes and cucumber slices, but I don't count the calories of raw veggies--that's just getting a bit too obsessive.  Also, I'm not going to count calories on dinner--I'm cooking a lot this summer and breaking down the ingredients is just too much work! 

Lol, so the long and short of it is that when I say "calorie counting" I actually don't mean counting ALL calories.  Like I said, I've never been good at this whole counting thing!

Anyway, I am starting to retrain my brain, eyes, and stomach to appropriate portions, and my brain to healthy food choices.  And for me, that's the whole point of calorie counting for a little bit.  Goodnight!

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  1. You have motivated me to write down what I eat. Like you, I am not specifically writing calories for everything. But, just keeping a journal of what I have eaten and how much I exercised is helping me this summer.....at least so far! LOL


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