Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Post-It Note Tuesday!

I can't believe it's June 29th!  This summer has gone so fast so far--today, June's almost over.  On a happier note, Eclipse comes out today!  I'm probably not going today, but I am going with a friend at some point.  It'll be the first of the Twilight movies I haven't seen in theaters by myself!

And speaking of by myself, that's one of today's focus for the Post-It Notes:  me time!  What prompts this focus?
Well, I read an interesting opinion about being married and "me time".  A friend of mine, who has been very happily married for a little less than a year, was expressing that, while she loves spending time with her hubby, she really missed/needed some "her" time.  Another lady posted saying that her "me" time was now family time and she had "learned to love it".  She then expressed the hope that my friend "enjoy becoming one" with her husband.  It sounded to me like a woman who is either in danger of or already has lost herself to the callings of wife and mother.  Don't get me wrong--these are both splendid and important callings.  But losing one's self means that you can't properly perform either role.  I talked a bit about that in regards to marriage in a past post, and while I am not yet a mother, there is no reason why the need to maintain a sense of self wouldn't hold true in that capacity as well..  

Anyways, on to Post-It Note Tuesday! This blogring was started by Supah Mommy, and I found it through my friend Arena, over at The Nerd's Wife!

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  1. I 100% agree, and I know EXACTLY what discussion you are referring to. It was so hard for me not to comment on that, but I resisted. Go me!

    I could leave a really long comment here... or I could go blog.

    I think I shall blog. ;)


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