Monday, June 28, 2010

Not Me! Monday

"Not Me!" Monday is a blog ring started by MckMama!  It's a ton of fun!  I found it through Arena, over at The Nerd's Wife.

Well, it's been a few days since I blogged.  Why?  My mother-in-law was in town! (yes, that's a good thing)

With my mother-in-law coming in, I did *not* forget to clean the upstairs bathroom, and I also did *not* forget to put guest towel in said bathroom.  I did *not* neglect to vacuum upstairs or Swiffer the floor, and did *not* forget to finish the laundry so the washer and dryer would be open when she got here.  NOT ME!
I would never neglect good hostess actions. 

I did *not* eat waaay to much ice cream.  I did *not* use the excuse that family was in town so it didn't count.  NOT ME!  I would never overindulge and the justify it with a flimsy excuse.

I did *not* avoid weighing in on Friday because of a huge dinner the night before and the aforementioned ice cream that I did *not* eat.  NOT ME!  I always stare unflinchingly into the face of truth, even when it has to do with my weight.

I also did *not* forget about a much-anticipated dinner date with a friend until 5 minutes after I should have left.  I also did *not* drive like a speed demon trying to make up the time and did *not* drive right by the place in my rush to get there.  As a result, I was *not* 10 minutes late.  NOT ME!

I am *not* still slightly put out with my husband after our disagreement last night, even though we reached a good compromise and he apologized.  NOT ME!  I would never still be pissy the next day when things were resolved the night before.  I always just let things go.

Speaking of letting things go, I have *not* neglected posting since last Wednesday.  I did *not* actually enjoy a few days off from blogging.  It was *not* nice to have a few days of just thinking and being without typing.  And now I definitely do *not* have material for several more posts!  NOT ME!

Here's hoping that everyone does *not* have a wonderful Monday!


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