Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bring on the Dog Days of Summer!

Whew!  Today was my last day of school with the kiddos!  We have half a work day tomorrow for close out--but I learned my lesson last year!  As a first year teacher, I waited until the close out day to do everything except turn in grades.  This meant turning in books, cleaning my room, getting all the necessary signatures on all the paperwork, etc. all had to be done in a few hours.  It was very stressful, and since my meds were starting to stop working (follow that one?  lol) it also meant a lot of hobbling around at high rates of speed.  But not this year!

This year I started cleaning my room on the first day of finals--this past Tuesday.  I went through all of my student projects, selected the few I want to keep as examples and wall art for next year, and threw the rest away.  Unfortunately, this included one project where the student had used her mother's only copies of family pictures--EVEN THOUGH I TOLD THEM NOT TO!!!  She had asked me to hold it until Tuesday, so I did.  I waited after school and she didn't come, so I threw it away.  It wasn't until Wednesday that  she told me those pictures were the only copies.  I feel really bad, but at the same time she didn't TELL me that nor did she ask me to hold on to it longer.  Anyway, needless to say her mom was less than pleased, and I had to send a long email explaining the situation.  If only kids would FOLLOW DIRECTIONS then shit like this wouldn't happen!  Oh well.  I also graded all of 7th period's finals and got their grades entered and squared away.

Wednesday I cleaned off my desk and lab console, throwing quite a bit away and filing the rest of the important stuff.  I also got some of my half-used workbooks to a Spanish III teacher, who can use the last half to review Spanish II for the beginning of next year.  I graded 2nd period's finals and got their grades entered and squared away, and then spent my 2 hour 6th period conference (the other final that day was 6th) to go around and get almost all of my signatures!  This meant turning in my textbooks (I think I found the two missing ones!), turning in my DATE folder (I don't participate in DATE--yes, I could make some extra money.  no, it's not enough to make it worth it, AND I disagree with the politics and the mentality behind the program), turning in my clinic folder, and signing my last attendance verification (I got to sign mine first because I came in right as it came off the printer!).  I also completed my key audit, submitted my final and its key to my department head, had the designated AP sign off that I have no incompletes, and the money lady and the librarian sign off that I was all clear!  Then I went home lol.

Today, I managed to get all of my finals graded, entered and all of my grades squared away.  I hit the verify button a full hour and a half before grades were due!  I also stored everything I want to keep for next year--projects, knickknacks, and teacher supplies.  I put the rest of the projects from the first period floating class and the rest of my used workbooks in the hall to be carted off, and locked up all of my file cabinets, my desk, and, with another teacher's help, my language lab console (it's been two years and I STILL don't have the key to that thing!).  I also put tape labels with "Rm 447" on all mobile, non-student desk pieces of furniture--I want my stuff back after all!

Everything but the computer is unplugged, so all I need to do tomorrow is tear that down, and then get my department head to sign off on my room!  Oh, and verify my grades, get the registrar's signature, send out my Homeroom's report cards, and turn in my sign out sheet!  Then, I will be well and truly done with the school year!  I'll hop in the car and head to Ft. Worth to see my Victoria!
Wow, I can't believe this is the end of my second year of teaching!  It's been a rough one, with all the health issues and stresses that came along.  But I will, once again, really miss my kiddos.  They are the only reasons this job is even remotely worth it.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy actually teaching Spanish too, but the public school system is just plain f*** in the head.  Or it would be, if it had a head lol. 

Teaching itself and working with the kids is challenging, but enjoyable.  It's all the stress and extra crap that comes with it.  I've been told I'm an excellent teacher, but this year I've come to realize that I don't want to do this for the rest of my life.  I think that, if it weren't for the health issues, I would be more willing to stick with teaching.  But add the stress of teaching to the pain and fatigue from my RA, and the increased number of infections caused by my medications (combined with working in a school lol), and I just do NOT think I can manage this career for decades as some of my coworkers have.  Luckily, the hubby and I have a plan!

In a few more years Bryan and I will add a little one to our family, and I will become a stay at home mom (SAHM)!  But the end of this school year has reminded me that I will miss working with the kids, and being a teacher.  I won't miss all the unrelated demands that are put on teachers today, but I will miss teaching, helping kids learn, and being there to offer a shoulder, a hug, or advice when its needed.  Of course, I'll have my own little one to raise and teach, comfort and advise.  And put in his/her place when he/she needs it too!  I think I will also miss having a job outside the home, but I'm pretty sure a part-time job will scratch that itch ;-) lol.

So, to the point!  I have finished--and, more importantly, survived!--my second year of teaching.  I have learned much, both about my profession and myself.  And now, I can't WAIT to be a SAHWife for a couple of months and enjoy the HELL out of my summer vacation!


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