Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I Love Wednesday!

I love Wednesdays!  And I love this blog topic.  It makes good days great and bad days bearable.  Maybe I should have remembered to post last week!  Lol.  Happily, this week is going MUCH better, and I have a lot of things to love!  If you want to share what you're loving this Wednesday, or see what everyone else is loving, link up here!

1) I am LOVING my TOES!!!  My friend Lindsay's birthday was this past Sunday, and a few days prior, she and I got together for lunch and pedicures at my favorite nail place.  They serve wine on top of giving AMAZING foot rubs!  Not to mention, they always paint the prettiest flowers on my toes!
2) I am LOVING that my Lillies of the Nile AND my Gardenias are blooming up a storm again this spring!  I was worried that it would be too dry for them, but they are doing fantastically!

3) I am LOVING the book I'm reading on my Kindle:  Angry Conversations with God by Susan E. Issacs.  I don't share her background nor some of her basic assumptions about church and God, and I don't necessarily agree with some of the conclusions she draws; however, I enjoy her wit and insight, and very much enjoy following her spiritual journey--especially since I've faced similar trials on my own journey.

4) I am LOVING my paint-by-number eye shadow!  I am still pretty new to the whole eye shadow world, and it's nice to have everything laid out for me in terms of what to put where for a nice shading effect.  Plus I love the color!

5) I am LOVING my new knitting project!  I'm making myself some fingerless hand warmers out of my Dark Green Origins yarn.  I'm hoping they'll help counteract my hands getting cold (silly circulation) but still let me type and turn pages and pick up mugs and the like.  I started and finished knitting one at Sit&Stitch last night, PLUS this is my first pattern for something other than a scarf or scarf alternative!

6) I am LOVING my 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe!  My wonderful parents bought and surprised me with this car my freshman year of college.  It is dirty, a bit beat up, and has a few quirks, BUT it has run from here to (in no particular order) Spring to CS to Arkansas to Galveston to Junction to Fredericksberg to Austin to Dallas/Ft. Worth to Sommerville to Conroe to...well you get the point.  It's run all over this state with me and has been a great car!

7) As always, I am LOVING my hubby!  He makes me laugh and supports me, and respects my right to disagree with him.  He listens to my point of view and works with me to reach compromises when we don't see eye to eye.  He does random and surprisingly sweet things for me and works very hard to provide for our family.  On top of all of THAT, he even takes pictures with me in wedding reception photo booths!  I sure do love my man!


  1. I wrote a post like this yesterday on my blog and it sure made me happy just thinking about it all and reminding myself of the good things in my life! I loved reading yours too - it reminds me (again) that I need to stop and look for the little pleasures in life.

  2. great things your loving!

    Happy wednesday!

  3. Love the flowers!

    You are loving some amazing things today! Hope you have had a great Wednesday!


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