Thursday, December 16, 2010

'Tis the Season: Craft Project--The Poinsetta Bowl!

Since I was put on disability back in September, I've been doing a lot of redefining.
For example, contributing to our household used to mean that I worked outside the home to bring in money.
Now, it means that I keep the house nice, plan meals and cook, make sure we're keeping to our budget, etc.

For another example, I was never the artsy craftsy, interior decorating type of girl.
Now, I've found that I actually enjoy crafty things--at least, of the floral variety.
And I love setting things up in my home so that it looks beautiful and well-put-together.

And doesn't Christmas just provide the perfect opportunity to implement these new definitions!
So, on to my most recent project!

I got my inspiration from several arrangements of lillies in bowls that I've seen, like the one below.

I decided to take a Christmas approach to such an arrangement, using a rounded bowl, fake pine needles, holly berries, and poinsettias.

The first step was to use my pretty pink wire cutters to snip off all of the branches from the pine bough.

Next, I bent the wire stems of the pine branches into arcs, and placed them in the bowl.
I continued to layer the bent branches so that, from the outside of the bowl, it looked like a wreath of pine needles nestled in the bowl.

The next step was to use the wire cutters again to snip off the branches of holy berries.

Then I took each little holly berry stem and wove it among the pine needles and branches in the bowl.
This way, from the outside of the bowl, the bright red holly berries peak nicely through the pine needles.

Next, I used the wire cutters to snip the two best poinsettias off of the branch.

I tucked the two poinsettias into the bowl on top of the pine needles.
This serves the dual purpose of covering the middle of the bowl where the pine needles don't entirely intertwine, and looking pretty!
So, in the end, I have a very pretty Christmas floral arrangement that I have placed on the end table!


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