Sunday, November 7, 2010

Church Shopping: Postponed

Last week I posted that Bryan and I are starting the process of shopping for a church to attend!
We had intended on visiting a nearby UMC today, but then my cousin reminded me that today is the first Sunday of the month.
For UMCs, and other churches as well, this means it is communion day.  
Since it is also the first Sunday after Halloween, it is quite possible that the church is celebrating/recognizing All Saint's Day as well.

While both of these rituals/observations are integral parts of church life, attending a new church for the first time on such a Sunday doesn't really let you see the character of the church, or gauge the type of sermon the pastor typically gives, or get a good feeling for the overall temperament of the congregation.
Since that makes evaluating the church based on our shopping list rather difficult, we are postponing our church visit until next Sunday.

That said, I am (finally) starting to read Lost Christianities by Bart Ehrman.
He's the same author who wrote Misquoting Jesus, which I thoroughly enjoyed and found very thought provoking.
So, while I will not have a church experience to post about today, I will (hopefully) have a entry later this week over my new reading material.


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