Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Drunk Thoughts

Avatar: The Last Air Bender just made a Dante's Inferno reference lol.
My English teacher was right--that shit pops up everywhere!

I wonder why Aang (the Avatar's) arrow points at his nose....maybe because he breathes out when he Bends Air?

Tito's Vodka is yummy with limonade.
Sushi is less yummy with Tito's vodka and lemonade.

I wish my husband would tell me about his plans before they actually happen.

I love the feeling when alcohol hits your bloodstream.  It feels like you've put everything on slow-motion and turned on the warm fuzzies all at the same time.

I hope childbirth isn't as painful as TV shows and movies depict it.
To be sure, I'm definitely taking the drugs.

Speaking of drugs...hydrocodone cough syrup is AAAAWESOMEEEEE!!!!

I would like a boy...or a girl...or a boy...or a girl...HAPPY HEALTHY BABY!

Why do TV war machine drills always look gigantically phalic?

I wish I could still study martial arts of some variety--silly decrepit/damaged joints.

I wish I could fly...or teleport.  Either would be nice.  I would go to the tropics on a whim and eat fresh pineapple.  
I'd make sure to bring a book to read on the beach between pineapple servings.
Oh, and there would be MaiTais.
Yes, yes...maitais.

And I would be very guilty of FWI or TWI (Flying While Intoxicated or Teleporting While Intoxicated).
It would lead to grand adventures in exotic locales.

And I'd be a size 5 again too, but keep my current boobs.

All of that is equally probable.

I'm glad I've rediscovered my enjoyment for anime.
It makes my joint-mandated rest periods much more enjoyable.
I'm glad I still love to read for the same reason.

I love the acrobat Fire Bender chick--she's random like me.

I love the sarcasm in this show too.
And the jokes.
"I still laugh at gravity.   Gravity hahahahhahahahhahhahahhaha."

I'm going to go lay down now.

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