Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Got A Fever...

While I was teaching, I noticed a particular phenomenon.
I think I noticed it because I was working with primarily women.
Come Spring semester, babies were popping out all over the place!
Not that this in any way shape or form is a bad thing--quite the contrary!
Babies are awesome!
The only thing it did make difficult was toughing out the fever I got that time of year.
The baby fever!!!
Even now, baby-centric thoughts fill my head and I make day-dream plans lol.
Oh well, I've just gotta be patient a bit longer ;-).

Now that I'm at home, I didn't expect to really notice this phenomenon this year.
I reckoned without the presence of social networking.
Yes, the all-knowing, all-informing Facebook!
Now, obviously, this is not Spring.  It is Fall.
However, I can't help but notice all of the babies that are making their debut and all of the pregnancies that are being 

I know of three babies that have just come into the world--one of whom is making his/her debut as we speak!
Then there's the other two that are coming in the next couple of weeks.
And THEN there are the (at least) three pregnancies that have been announced recently, one of which will be a double-header!

I am so happy for all the families that are adding little ones to their head count!
Congratulations to all of you, and best wishes for easy pregnancies, and healthy and happy little ones who learn to sleep through the night very quickly! 


  1. "Babies were popping out all over the place" - like confetti! Wheeeee...!!

  2. Lol yes! Exactly like confetti!!!

  3. It's so funny you mention this .... must be something in the water??? But I swore that we were "one and done" but as I'm watching little man grow bigger and bigger each day, I long for the baby days again... Just last night I was telling the hubs that we might just have to have another one... you know... so little man wouldn't be alone :o)

  4. Yeah maybe it is something in the water, or the air this time of year lol.
    Best of luck deciding to have/having a second, if that's the direction y'all end up going!


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