Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Welcome to the Faith Index!

These posts* share my thoughts on faith, religion and Religions, belief, ideologies, etc., including my (mostly) weekly Faith Fridays posts!  I welcome any comments or questions, even if you disagree with me.  I just ask that an atmosphere of respectful discussion is maintained!  Thanks!

January 16, 2011:  Today's Sermon and Our First Church Visit 
November 7, 2010:  Church Shopping: Postponed
October 31, 2010:  Church Shopping 
September 22, 2010:  Just Something God Did 
June 30, 2010:  Reflections:  Misquoting Jesus
April 24, 2010:  The 10 Commandments 
April 3, 2010:  Religion is Hard, Faith is Easy (Part II)
April 3, 2010:  Religion is Hard, Faith is Easy (Part I)
February 6, 2010:  Revenge

Faith Fridays! 
May 13, 2011:  Wives, Submit
April 1, 2011:  Serving God, Serving Others
March 25, 2011:  Faith Friday:  Natural Disasters 
March 4, 2011:  Faith Friday:  Getting Mad
February 4, 2011:  Faith Friday:  Non-Christians and Hell
January 15, 2011:  Faith Friday (on a Saturday):  Prayer
December 24, 2010:  Faith Friday:  Happy Holidays! 
December 17, 2010:  Faith Friday:  Omniscient God, His Plan and Freewill
December 10, 2010:  Faith Friday:  The Problem of Pain
December 3, 2010:  Faith Fridays:  Introduction

*This index starts with posts written in January 2010.  For older Faith posts, please click on the faith label.


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