Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

It's been such a great week!  Lots of fun, friends and family!
That said, I'm exhausted lol!  Totally worth it, but today (and maybe tomorrow) are necessary kick back and relax days.  Dishes, laundry and dinners will get done (and maybe a pie!) but that's probably going to be about it.  Anyway, on to what I'm loving this Wednesday!  If you want to share what you're loving this Wednesday, or see what everyone else is loving, link up here!

1) I am LOVING that one of my good friends from all the way back in high school married her match this past weekend!  Kim and Clay are such an amazing match, and I am so happy for them!
2) I am LOVING that I got to see Victoria at the wedding and give her her gold scarf birthday present!  On that note, I'm loving that our husbands went with us too and the four of us got to hang out!

3) I am LOVING the weather today!  It is absolutely gorgeous outside!

4) I am LOVING that my herb garden is starting to germinate!  Hopefully I won't kill my new baby plants!

5) I am LOVING the picket fence border that Bryan is installing in the back yard!  Not only will it keep the pups from undoing all that back-breaking mulch work that he did, but it also looks fantastic!

6)  I am LOVING my mom!  She went with me to College Station yesterday to help me finish picking out photos for Bryan and my wedding album!

7) I am LOVING that I'm done picking out photos for our wedding album!  In a few weeks, Emily will send me the proofs, and then we will submit the order!  I'll actually have my wedding album by the end of the summer, at the absolute latest!  It only took me THREE YEARS lol.

8) I am LOVING a new anime series I have found--Vampire Knight!  Very shoujo (meaning girlie) but since I'm a girl, that's fine ;-).  The characters and plot are very well done, and the artwork is beautiful!

9) I am LOVING that Alicia and I are signed up for the Knit II class this Sunday at Park Avenue Yarns!  Hooray for getting to learn new stitches and how to read patterns!  And how to follow patterns lol.

10) As always, I'm loving my wonderful husband!  He's so sweet to me, and I loved getting to have a mini-road trip with him this past weekend, on which he did all the driving because I was really tired.  And I love that he was patient about taking a ton of pictures with me at the wedding lol.


  1. OHHH...I love the mini picket fence! It would love great in my front yard! Lowes?

  2. Oh, I love that little picket fence! SO cute!!

  3. Thanks y'all! I love it too! We did have to buy some re-bar, which Bryan cut into 1 ft stakes. He drove that into the ground and then lashed every other fence post to the rebar--now the fence definitely won't fall down!!!


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