Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things I'm Loving Thursday!

Also known as my What I'm Loving Wednesday when I'm running a day behind!

I look forward to this post every week--it has such a positive, upbeat focus AND let's me share events and things from the past week that I am absolutely loving!  I'm so glad that Jaime started this up and that I stumbled across it!  So, on to what I'm LOVING this week!

1)  I am loving the awesome glass teapot Mama Lynn bought for me!  The tea that comes with it is in little nugget-like balls.  You place them in the bottom of the glass teapot and then pour boiled water over the top--and the tea BLOOMS!  Into a tea FLOWER!!!  It's beautiful AND the tea is super-yummy.

2)  I am loving knitting!  And I'm loving the fact that I'm almost done with my first project--my blue scarf!

3)  Again, I'm loving InuYasha!  I only have another 55 episodes in the first series, and then I finally will watch The Final Act!

4)  I'm loving the weather outside!

5)  As always, I'm loving my handsome husband!  I can't believe May will be three years since our wedding day!  He sure is wonderful!


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