Saturday, March 19, 2011

Keyword Chaos!

In the Stats portion of your blog, there's a section called "Traffic Sources".
At the very bottom of this section, the subsection "Search Keywords" tells you what searches led people to your blog.  It's interesting to see what searches people have used that brought them to your door, so to speak.
These searches can be silly, interesting, or just plain weird, and the fun part is responding!
I got this idea from my friend Lauren over at Pineapple Pizza today, and thought I'd join in!
Here's the top three keyword searches for my blog, and my responses!  Enjoy!

Baby Orange Tree?
Why yes, I have one!  It is tall and pretty and not dead!
Hooray!  You made it!  I told you it wasn't that hard to find!

     Mom's best lemon pie?
Why are you asking me??  Isn't that a conversation you should have with your mom?  I don't even know your mom!


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