Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Knitting Projects 2 and 3

Hello.  My name is Kristen.  And I am addicted...to KNITTING!
Not to mention, to the wonderful feeling of yarn!  I even have set up a profile on Ravelry.com!
When I decided to learn to knit, I never thought that it would be this much fun, this soothing, or this addicting!
After finishing my first project--my beautiful, soft blue scarf seen above--I launched into my second.
I have mentioned it a couple of times, but this second project is a birthday present for one of my best friends.  I won't get to give it to her until April, so I haven't posted any pictures yet--it's going to be a surprise!
That said, I have finished that project and had some yarn left over.  So, I'm going to take a chance that she won't actually read this post, and share a picture of the beautiful shiny yarn that I used for her gift!

Isn't it shiny?!  I think she'll love the gold color, and the fact that it has a subtle gleam due to the metallic yarn strand woven through the gold.

So now that two projects are done, I can take a break for a bit, right?  HA!
Before I had even finished my second project, I had already purchased the yarn for my 3rd!  This project does not need to dwell in secrecy, because I'm making it for my Dad and he already knows lol.  I'm knitting a dark navy blue scarf that he can wear with his uniform during the winter months.

I haven't gotten very far on it, but I'm loving working with the soft yarn!  For this project, I'm using much smaller needles than I did on my first scarf.  Instead of 10.5 needles, these are 7!  The smaller needles mean tighter stitches, but they also mean that I have to take more breaks--gripping the smaller needles means more aches in my hands!  That's ok though--I used these 7 needles for project number two as well, and love the look of the finished product!  I'll probably use these needles for my next project too--Bryan wants a motorcycle scarf for the winter!


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  1. I'm so glad you're enjoying knitting. I try to knit a little every day and, I have to admit, I'm an instant gratification kind of gal so I really like using big needles. You can crank stuff out so much faster. =D That gold yarn is so pretty. Good for you ... and good for all those lucky people you're knitting for!


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