Friday, March 18, 2011

Flashback Friday

I really should apologize.  Only one post this week?  That's pretty bad.
I wish I had an interesting and exciting excuse--space aliens abducted me, I got (very) temporary amnesia, I finally got stir-crazy enough to hop on a flight to Costa Rica or the Caribbean with only a carry-on, etc.  But I don't.
Though I have to say, that last one is EXTREMELY tempting.

So, to make up for a lack of posts, I'm doing a Friday Flashback--where I take the highlights of the week and relive them as I share them with y'all.
As I posted, Monday was originally going to be a recuperation day from my friend Kim's wedding festivities this past weekend.  However, it ended up being much more exciting than that!  I spent the day cleaning in preparation for Andy and Iman, Mark and Alicia, and Brandon and us to have dinner at our house!  Andy and Iman made this AMAZING chili, and we had a wonderful time hanging out together!

Alicia had surgery on Saturday (don't worry, she's fine now!) and still wasn't feeling 100%.  Mark had to go back to work on Tuesday however, so Alicia came and spent the day with me at the house!  We had yummy Chinese for lunch and a Sailor Moon marathon!

Bryan was home on Wednesday--silly allergies were making him feel pretty icky.  So, we got to spend the day hanging out together, which was nice.  Also, our friend Amber is in town for Spring Break!  She called us up and we grabbed Freebirds for lunch...yummm.  We came back to the house and played with the pups and caught up.

Amber and I met and got pedicures!  This is generally a tradition for the two of us whenever she's in town.  In honor of St. Patrick's Day, my toes are an awesome shade of green!
Other than that, I worked on my knitting project--it's a surprise for someone, so no pictures here until after I've given it to them--and I made Coconut Shrimp for dinner!

This is the first day this week I haven't had something planned or randomly pop up!  I need to run to my wonderful yarn shop, but I'm thinking I'll put it off for a few hands are awfully achy, and if I have no yarn, there is no temptation to overdue and knit!  Today has been cleaning Haley's ears, hanging with the puppies--Tiberius and Abby go home tomorrow :-(--and watching InuYasha!
Sure, there were plenty of ways to be productive today, but those ways will still exist next week!
Tomorrow afternoon/evening Bryan and I are going to go to my Aunt Cindy's 50th birthday for a little bit.  We probably won't be able to stay long since Lindsay and Ben are going to come get the pups, but it will be good to see everyone.  Oh, and I might go to the yarn store :-D.

Church!  I really missed going last weekend, which was a weird and unexpected feeling.  I haven't missed going to church in YEARS.  I think it's probably the wonderful atmosphere of the church we're attending, the laid-back feeling to it all, and the welcoming people.  Unless something weird happens, I think Bryan and I are going to place membership there by the end of the month, which I'm really excited about!  Which, again, is a weird and unexpected feeling lol.

I hope y'all have had a wonderful week, and that your weekend looks great!

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  1. All the cool people have green nail polish! I ended up keeping/re-doing mine.

    It's good to hear that you're still enjoying your knitting- it's awesome finding something you enjoy enough that you have to restrain yourself from doing it! Bonus points if it's something constructive like knitting. :)


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