Saturday, May 29, 2010

Show Us Your Life--Things That Make You Happy

Mrs. G (not me, the other Aggie Mrs. G--whoop!) over at My Life in the Making posted her version of this post today.  The "Show Us Your Life" idea comes from another blog called Kelly's Korner.  I've seen several picture-based blogring ideas, but I just love the format of this one in particular.  So, I figured I'd join in! 

A few of the things that make me happy!

1)  My wonderful husband.  He's my best friend and my soul mate, not to mention the love of my life. :-)
2) Our dogs, Haley and Annabelle.  They are the sweetest pups, and always make me smile and laugh.
3) My wonderful family.  Be it immediate, in-law, or extended my family is just plain wonderful!

4) My friends.  I love them so much!  We always have so much fun together, and life would just plain suck without 'em!

5) The student part of teaching, especially when I get to help them or when they do something sweet and thoughtful.  Heck, even when they're being difficult, my kiddos remind me of the reasons why I stay in this profession.

6) Books.  Books make me very happy!  They provide an escape from real life and give my imagination a place to stay active and roam freely!  I'm currently reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

7)  My plants.  I've always loved green, growing things, and now I finally have a garden of my own!  Watching my plants grow and learning how to take care of them so they will drive makes me very happy indeed!

8)  Baking, and my ongoing quest to learn to cook well!  I never thought I'd enjoy this aspect of domesticity, but it really does give me a quiet, peaceful and happy feeling.

9)  Watching good TV shows and movies, as well as playing my quest Wii games make me happy.  These all allow me to be pulled into a story--and in the video games, to take part in a story.  It is a satisfying way to spend downtime.

10)  Traveling also makes me happy.  I love seeing new places and meeting new people!  I especially love going places where I can use my Spanish.  Traveling has always been a joy in my life, but now that I get to travel with my hubby, it's even better!
I think number 10 is a good place to stop.  I am so thankful to have so many things and people in my life who bring happiness with them.  I hope I will never stop appreciating how blessed I am!


  1. I like plants and growing things bad I have what I call a "black thumb"

  2. What a terrific list!

    Have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!

  3. Thanks for the comments y'all! I hope y'all's Memorial Day weekend was wonderful.


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