Monday, May 10, 2010

Heck no! Not ME!

"Not Me!" Monday is a blog ring started by MckMama!  It's a ton of fun!  I found it through Arena, over at The Nerd's Wife.  So, what all did I definitely NOT do today?

For starters, I definitely did NOT open the trashcan while Haley was eating breakfast.  That dog is terrified of the new trashcan and I would NEVER open it to make her jump.  NOT ME!

And I absolutely did NOT laugh at her. 

I did NOT interrupt Sra. C's class multiple times this morning trying to find the Puzzlemaker CD to print out my handouts for today.  I also did NOT end up having to send down one of my second period students to have those copies made.  NOT ME!

When I got home from work, I did NOT eat a cup of yogurt, the rest of the pepperoni slices, a slice of bread, and four huge spoonfuls of Cool Whip.  NOT ME!  I NEVER binge when the munchies strike.
Short but sweet today!  Now, I AM going to enjoy the next 40 minutes before I go to water aerobics for the first time in a month! 


  1. Isn't it awful when we laugh at something our dog reacts to, even when we know it scared them? Cannot be helped!! I've burst into laughter at my dogs too many times to count. Even when I know their heart is racing like mad! I feel bad but I can't stop the giggles either!

  2. Hey just came across your blog from "texas blogging gals" .. so not post related, but thought it was funny that my husband and i also met at a&m, and he was a mechanical engineer. =] He graduated in '07.

  3. Thanks for the comments y'all!

    Aunt of 14: I know! I felt so bad. But to top it off, Haley jumped sideways with her head still in her food bowl. She ended up straddling the water bowl to finish her food!

    Mrs. G: That's so neat! I can actually add to it...our last name starts with a G too! :-D What did you study at A&M?


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