Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Little Brother

Growing up, any time I was trying to read my books in peace (which, granted, was all the time lol), my little brother was always there.  Was he reading with me?  Of course not lol.  He was trying to get my attention, often by any means necessary.  I learned to block out any such attempts, short of him actually taking my book.  That often instigated a chase around the house ending with a wrestling match.

We were always together on family trips and car rides, keeping each other entertained some of the time, fighting like cats and dogs for the rest.  We had a lot of fun though.  I realize now that even when we weren't getting along, we still had a better relationship than most of the other siblings we knew.

Mom always used to tell us (when we were fighting), "Y'all need to treat each other nicely.  No matter what, you'll always be brother and sister!"  And by tell, I mean yell lol.  At the time, we'd roll our eyes, settle down, and go on about our business.

Now, though, we both highly value our relationship.  My little brother is one of my best friends, and I am one of his.  We go to each other for advice, and to just vent.  When I look at the relationships of those around me with their siblings--even those that are good relationships--I realize how special our relationship and how grateful I am to be his big sister.
And how proud.  Especially since, this last weekend, he graduated from college!  Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX to be exact!  Austin, Bryan and I met mom and dad, nannie and papa, and gan gan and Aunt Candy for lunch first thing.  Later, we all met up at the graduation ceremony location.

Then Bryan and I got to spend some time with Austin before the ceremony, and he was so stressed out and excited, all at the same time.  We helped with what we could (I sewed his cuff button back on his shirt), and then watched with pride as he walked across the stage in his cap and gown.  I whooped and hollered really loud and, of course, took lots of pictures. 

Here's some of Austin walking in and sitting in his row:

And here's him getting his diploma!:

I am so very proud of my little brother---who's not so little anymore!

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  1. Love you! What a comfort to know yall have each other!! No matter what!!


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