Monday, January 31, 2011

Menu Planning Monday!

Lol some day I'm going to get more creative with these Menu Planning Monday post titles!
Oh well.
This whole deal is hosted by Laura over at OrgJunkie!

So, Monday again!
Which means another Weight Watchers Meeting!
I am happy to say that this week was a much happier weigh-in for me than last week!
The scale today said that I have lost 3 pounds since last Monday!
That's the weight I had gained back and more besides!
Including adjustment for my first weigh in with shoes, that means I've lost 5 pounds!
I might make it to my 5% weight loss before we get pregnant after all!

So, with that goal in sight and coming off of a great week--on to this week's menu!

BREAKFAST:  A fried egg with yogurt, or an eggy-in-the-basket with fresh fruit and milk
LUNCH:  A turkey, cheese and mushroom sandwich with fruit or cucumbers OR a salad from me, and leftovers for Bryan
MONDAY:  Beef-Vegetable Pie
TUESDAY:  Parsley and Lemon Crumb-Coated Tilapia
WEDNESDAY:  Spaghetti with a BIG salad and garlic bread yummmmm
FRIDAY:  Pita Pizzas
SATURDAY:  Leftovers or out to eat
SUNDAY:  Tacos or a big salad


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