Monday, January 3, 2011

Menu Planning Monday!

 I absolutely love the holidays.
I love the food, the decorations, and all the family time.
And, to be honest, I love when the holidays end and life can get back on track!
Even if my track and routine is still a work in progress!

As I mentioned in my in my Come On 2011 post, I joined Weight Watchers over the holidays.
The timing was incredibly counterproductive, but I'm glad I joined when I did.
Well, now I have the system figured out.
I've gotten rid of foods in the pantry and fridge (and freezer!) that would inhibit my progress and I've replaced them with lots of fruits and veggies, and low-points alternatives.
Also, my membership card had time to get here, so I could go to my first meeting.
Which I did--today!

The weigh-in was less than thrilling--let's just say it was worse than I thought and leave it at that.
Other than that, it was a great experience--very positive and yet very frank.
The leader and those in attendance definitely weren't making excuses or sugar-coating the facts, 
but everyone seemed determined to make a change and make progress.
I even finally bought a pedometer so that I can follow the step-counting walking exercise routine in the little book they provided!

Of course, it was the "New Year's" meeting, so we'll see if it's quite so crowded in a couple of weeks.
I know I'll be there every Monday until I'm pregnant!

I'm really hoping to meet at least my 5% weight loss goal before I get pregnant.
I'm a little worried because I'm starting to flare again.
The methotrexate has finally had 3 months to get out of my system--so it's gone.
The hydroxychloroquin has been gone about a month and I'm coming up on the 2 month point on my infusion.
So very soon, it will only be my NSAID managing my RA.
I'm worried about the pain that I know is coming--I'm already having to scale down my workouts from what they were before the holidays.
Which is why I'm turning to Weight Watchers!

And speaking of, oh my gosh they have some AWESOME recipes!
Which brings us to this week's Menu Planning Monday!

BREAKFAST:  Eggy in a basket with fresh fruit

LUNCH:  Turkey and cheese sandwich with grapes or cucumber slices

MONDAY:  Chicken Parmigiana 
TUESDAY:  Easy Rosemary Shrimp
WEDNESDAY:  Beef and Vegetable Pie
THURSDAY:  Pita Pizzas
FRIDAY:  Not sure!  Bryan's grandparents invited us to attend the Cotton Bowl with them!  This might be the night I use some of my extra points!
SATURDAY:  Again, not sure!  We'll be staying with Victoria and Philip, so it'll probably be something fairly healthy--Vic loves Weight Watchers too!
SUNDAY:  I'm thinking leftover beef and vegetable pie.  We should have plenty.  If not that, then we'll go grab something to make from the store!

My next weigh-in is next Monday, so wish me luck!


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