Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Fun!

It's already been four days since my last post!
My Faith Friday post from last week is just going to have to wait until this next Friday.
This weekend was great!
Friday I got to go hang out with my friend Alicia!
We haven't had a hang-out in a while and we had so much fun catching up!
For dinner, we met the boys at Saltgrass for dinner and had a wonderful time.
Oh, and did I mention Alicia is a hair stylist extraordinaire!
She colored and cut my hair!
I took this picture using the reverse camera on the IPhone.
My hairs a bit crazy right now--I've been in the rain and such--but I LOVE the color and the length!

Saturday I cleaned the house.
And I mean CLEANED--vacuumed and mopped the floors, dusted, scrubbed the kitchen and the downstairs guest bathroom.
My house was shiny!!!
Then I went shopping at Ross.
It was necessary, I promise!
I looked in my closet the other day, trying to figure out what I had that 
was church-appropriate.
I found one--yes, one--outfit that was not a dress.
So, to Ross I went!
I found 8 tops for about $80 and then ran next door to
TJ Max and found a really cute pair of flats for $20.

That afternoon, mom and dad and Dixie-dog came over.
We hung out until Bryan got back from his ride, and then
they took us out for an early birthday dinner for me!
Dad took us to Perry's!
Can you believe it?!
That place is super-nice.  I'd never been before.
It was delicious!

Sunday we went to church again.
The pastor gave a sermon this Sunday, and we enjoyed his style.
He's more of a conversational preacher than a lecturer, and he has a great
sense of humor that we both enjoyed.
We're still going to visit for a while before deciding to join, 
but I'm really very excited about this church!
Sunday afternoon our friends Mark and Alicia came over.
We had a Sailor Moon marathon!
The boys were good sports--I think Bryan slept a bit, and read a lot, but both
he and Mark hung in there with us!
We ordered out for Chinese for dinner and it was YUMMY!
We had a lot of fun!

Yeah, for those of you who were wondering HOW I managed to eat all those meals out
and still adhere to my Weight Watchers points--yeah, I didn't
I kinda blew it this weekend--today at weigh in I was back up 1.8 pounds.
I think part of it was the large meal last night and part of it is, let's say, water retention.
But oh well!
It's a new week!
I'll do better this week and hopefully see a loss at least equal to what I regained next week!

Today it's raining all day outside.
So I'm hanging in the house and doing the few chores that were left after Sunday's cleaning spree.
Oh, and I'm watching a new (to me!) anime--Kaze no Stigma, and it's AWESOME!
So on that note, back to my episode!


  1. HEY! We haven't gotten to Sailors Venus and Jupiter yet!

  2. I know! But I couldn't find a good picture of just Sailor Moon, Mercury and Mars! It was very frustrating!
    AND, we shall have to remedy that ;-D!


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