Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What a Beautiful WILWednesday!

 I found What I Love Wednesdays! through Emily over at Live a Charmed Life, who found it through Jaime.

1)  This weather!!!  It's the 19th of January and it's sunny outside and 60 degrees!

2)  My neighborhood!  It's so beautiful and I feel so fortunate that we were able to live here!

3)  My walking trail!  It's away from any roads and runs by one of the lakes (aka drainage ponds lol).

4)  My New Balance tennis shoes!  They make it possible for me to go on my walks!

5)  Birds!  I love watching birds!  On my walk today I saw various songbirds, two ducks, two egrets, a pelican AND a hawk!  I also love seagulls but there weren't any out and about on my trail this morning!
 By the way, ducks can swim a looong way under water!

6)  Palm trees!  Growing up, whenever we headed to the beach, I knew we were close because palm trees started to appear.  Now I live where the palm trees grow!!!  They make me smile every time I see one, and I love the sound of the wind through the palm leaves!

7)  The puppies!  Live would be much less fun and cuddly without them!
That includes fuzzy nephew Tiberius as well.

8)  Pride and Prejudice, both the book and the BBC version!
I finished rereading the book and am now rewatching the movie!

 9)  I love my blog!  It gives me a place to write and express myself (or just ramble...that happens a lot too lol) and it connects me to all my blog friends, whom I love to read!
(This is an older banner from my blog's past format!)

10)  My husband!  I'm so proud of him--he made a resolution to go to the gym four times a week for six weeks and he's sticking to it!  Of course, I think he's super handsome and sexy anyway :-D!
(This picture is from our trip to Costa Rica last March!  I also love that he loves to read as much as I do!!!)


  1. Thanks for playing along!

    We're having some nice weather in Georgia too!

  2. Wow...I'd love that weather!! It is 30 degrees here...and I'm in Louisiana!

  3. Good grief!!! 30 degrees?! That's waay too cold. It's only 40 here now...but it's going to get down to 29 tomorrow night! Brrrr.
    Jaime, I hope Georgia is still enjoying nice weather!
    Megan, I hope y'all stay warm!


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