Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I Love Wednesday!

What a beautiful day it has been!
The weather has finally gotten back on track.
And I have spent most of the day inside!  lol
Don't worry--my hubby's going on a walk with my and the pups when he gets home!
So, what am I loving this week?

1.  I'm loving the fact that we've made progress on painting the upstairs!
Ok, so it's nowhere near as much as I was hoping we'd have made this time last week.
BUT I have gotten to work with my hubby on a home project--and I LOVE that!

2.  I'm loving Kaze no Stigma, the new anime series I started watching Monday on NetFlix!
I am not loving the fact that the anime will only ever be one season long
due to the untimely passing of its creator, but I love that it stayed good til the very end!
Oh, did I mention that I finished the series today?
Lol, yes I'm that big of a nerd!

3.  I'm loving The Court of the Air by Stephen Hunt!
It's a SciFi network Essential Book--from back before that network became SyFy.
It's an epic adventure and an awesome read!

4.  I'm loving my wonderful husband!
He just got home with a birthday present for me!
My birthday's not until Friday, so I won't know what he got me until then!
He's so sweet!

And since he's home, I'm cutting this short!
Time for a walk and then snuggles!


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