Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wedding Marathon

The last two weekends have been full of activity, fun, excitement, a little drama, and romance!

My two best friends have now tied the knot with their respective guys.
I was honored and excited to be in both weddings--especially since they had both stood up behind me when Bryan and I got married!

I was Victoria's MOH (Matron of Honor) and one of Bryanne-Michelle's bridesmaids.
It's been a ton of fun this year getting to talk over wedding plans with them, and it was even better knowing that they have truly found their matches.  Philip balances Victoria out so well, as Justin does Bryanne-Michelle (and of course, vice versa).

Victoria's wedding was a Catholic wedding minus the mass.  It was a beautiful ceremony, with several of Philip's family members (including Grandpa!) singing hymns throughout the service.  There were scripture readings and prayers.  They (as did we) included the Unity Candle ceremony.  Vic's colors were purple and silver with pink roses, and she designed the bridesmaids dresses herself.

I went up to DFW the Wednesday before the big day.  Victoria and I spent Thursday running errands (aka honeymoon clothes shopping ;-D), and then Friday morning Daisy and Katie joined us for last-minute dress alterations and decorating the reception hall.  Friday night was the rehearsal (where I played Victoria's role--it's bad luck for a bride to practice her own wedding after all).  The rehearsal dinner was yummy--and there were PURPLE margaritas!

The reception was beautiful and a TON of fun, with a kicking DJ.  I can't wait to see all the pictures--one of our friends from high school, Dixie, was the photographer and she's AMAZING!!!

I went to Spring the Thursday before Bryanne-Michelle's wedding.  Her other bridesmaid Lisa was already there, having flown in from California that morning.  We had a girls' night/bachelorette evening with Tito's vodka and lemonade, snacks, and movies.  On Friday we went shopping (also for honeymoon clothes! ;-D) and then went to rehearsal (Amy made fun tutus and ribboned flipflops) and rehearsal dinner.

Bryanne-Michelle's ceremony was a lot like Bryan's and mine--quick and to the point!  Or as my dad says, a good Methodist wedding!  Lol.  Ours was a bit longer due to aisle length and the inclusion of the Unity Candle ceremony.  Bryan was 15 minutes late to their ceremony, and missed the whole wedding!
Her colors were a glacier blue with pink roses.

The reception was a lot of fun, and the pictures will be awesome as well--even if the photographer was annoying and corny and made us walk all over the golf course.  I was hurting so bad I almost hijacked a golf cart--but then one of the country club employees brought one around for me.
I sat for most of the reception--though I did dance for a bit after my fifth glass of wine lol.

This week is a recuperation week.  Yesterday Bryan and I spent the day in Spring at my parents' house with them and Austin and Saxon!  Austin made some wonderful barbecue chicken while Saxon mixed up some amazing margaritas and made a delicious chocolate cake!
 As for the rest of this week, while I am sooo happy for my friends, after two weeks of weddings I'm pretty much exhausted and achy.  I'm hoping to go to water aerobics tomorrow, but we'll see how my ankle is doing.  I might have to wait until Thursday morning.
Other than that, there is a lot of house cleaning to catch up on after being gone for the majority of the past two weeks!
Hope everyone else is doing well!


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