Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Definition of Irony

Yesterday, I posted about the adjusting period I'm going through as I transition from full-time high school teacher with a side of housewife thrown in to full-time housewife.

I never pictured myself as a housewife.
I never planned it to be my profession, never really desired it.

No, really I mean it--never.

Stay-at-home mom?  Sure!
But seeing as we don't yet have a kiddo running loose, I'm definitely just a stay-at-home housewife.
Which I find ironic.

Well, back in college (Gig 'Em Aggies!), I became acquainted with many girls who were there to earn their Mrs. degree by "catching" an engineer to marry and then being their SAHW.
Many of these girls were education majors.

Meanwhile, I was a Spanish major who, by God, was NEVER going to enter the classroom.
I wasn't sure what, precisely, I would do after I rethought my goal of being a house-building missionary in the third world (I didn't want to evangelize, just build houses for folks.)
But, whatever it was, it was NOT going to be teaching.

I wasn't sure I would ever get married.
It wasn't because I didn't want to.
I simply refused to ever settle for just marrying a someone--it would have to be the someone.
That, however, didn't mean I wasn't interested in all the really cute guys I was meeting at A&M!
I started dating a really cute, intelligent guy, not expecting anything serious to really come of it.
That guy happened to be an engineer.

The college years passed on along.
Senior year, I realized I was about to graduate with zero job prospects.
So, I decided to get a Masters--in Education.
They were the only Masters program still accepting applications in December.
 So, even after SWEARING up and down that I would not become a teacher, 
I ended up starting down that very path.
I taught for two years before being declared permanently disabled.
And the cute, intelligent engineer?
We got engaged the April of my senior year, married the May before I finished my Masters, and have been married now for just about 2 and 1/2 years.

So, now I'm a stay-at-home wife with an Education degree married to an engineer.

That's irony for you.

Now, I look back, and I am grateful for my years teaching, few as they were.
I am blessed to have found the someone in my wonderful, supportive husband Bryan.
I'm fortunate that I have disability insurance that allows us to keep all of our ends met now that I'm at home.
And I am confident that I will enjoy this housewife gig, figure out how to organize and own it, and to be productive and find enjoyment in this new chapter of my life, even if it was not one I had sought or foreseen.

Sometimes life's ironies work out quite nicely, if you can just accept and adjust to what life has handed you.


  1. You are so smart! I did a a speach my freshman year in college...during a required speech class....about police officers and their lack of education. I was very anti police at the time. But, actually it was only one bad cop that made me feel that way. So....irony does happen....married to a cop for 28 years now!! The Good Lord has a way of teaching us....even if it is ironic to us!!!!

  2. Lol you never told me that! That's funny. Hooray for irony! You'll have to tell me what you remember of the speech sometime so that we can laugh together!


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