Friday, October 29, 2010

Bright Shiny Day

Yesterday was what I like to call a bright shiny day.
And no, I'm not just referring to the GORGEOUS weather we're having down here.

Bright shiny days can come occur in any weather, on any day of the week, regardless of what life might be throwing around.
You don't even have to wake up in the right frame of mind, or make a conscious decision that, yes, by God, today will be a good day.
Nope, bright shiny days sometimes just happen.
Yesterday was one of those.

This past Tuesday I woke up with a cough that has moved steadily deeper into my chest.
Yesterday it was horrible.
I called the doctor and set an appointment.

Somewhere in between feeling like crap and going to deposit my first disability check, the day became bright and shiny.
I was driving down the road, not wanting to go home but definitely not wanting to arrive at Dr. Y's an hour early.
So, I went with my old default--the bookstore!
I ordered a small pumpkin creme latte and ended up buying two new books!
I then went to Old Navy to see if they had my jeans--they didn't.

Even so, as I was out moving in the world my heart just kept getting lighter and lighter, even though I was coughing fit to hack up a lung.
My chest was burning, but (excuse the corniness) my happiness was burning brighter.
It's been a couple of months since I've just been completely happy for no particular reason.

I went to the doctor after my failed Old Navy excursion and got to listen to good songs on the radio the whole way.
The scale told me a horrible number, which I will get to work on next week.
Dr. Y said that my cough might be a reaction to the high pollen count.
Seeing as I have never reacted to pollen with a cough that moves progressively deeper into my chest, I refuted that idea.
Plus I've felt like absolute crap all week--and not allergy crap either, sick crap.
So, Dr. Y said, in that case, it was probably the early stages of an infection and that there was bronchial inflammation.
In plain English, probably the very early stages of bronchitis.
(Yes, again.  :-P)
He prescribed me Levaquin and hydrocodone cough syrup.

I picked that up at the CVS and headed to the grocery store to buy dinner stuffs for last night and tonight.
It's funny--you can walk through Krogers in clothes that leave nothing to the imagination (if you know what I mean) and noone gives you a second look.
You walk through Kroger's with a chest-burning cough?
Yep, people look at you (and avoid you) like you've got the plague.
Society is funny sometimes.

Anywho, Bryan came home shortly after I had put away the groceries and picked up the place a bit.
We had a wonderful evening!
I cooked spaghetti and we watched Transformers 2:  Revenge of the Fallen.
And there was lots of wonderful cuddling!

By the end of the day, my heart felt as if it were made of sunshine.
I was happy and peacefully energized.
I had accomplished several important financial tasks, and my stress level had plummeted.
For the first time since this whole disability thing, I went to bed in a blissed-out state, extremely happy with my life, and with where I am in it.
And I slept like a rock.

And that, ladies and gents, was my first bright shiny day in many months.
And the fantastic thing?
Some of the bright and shininess seems to have spilled over into today!
So, it's time to go enjoy :-D.


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