Monday, July 12, 2010

Not ME! Monday

"Not Me!" Monday is a blog ring started by MckMama!  It's a ton of fun!  I found it through Arena, over at The Nerd's Wife.

Let me start off by saying that I am absolutely NOT sliding this post in half an hour before it's no longer technically Monday.  NOT ME!

I am also NOT writing this blog while listening to Muse's Supermassive Black Hole on 94.5 the Buzz Station on iHeartRadio on my iPhone 4.  I am NOT obsessed with my new phone and do NOT use it as if it were a secondary, albeit mini, laptop while I am home and can access our wireless.  I would never be using two computer-type devices just because it's more convenient than one!  NOT ME!

Now that we've established all of that, the past few days have been a smorgasbord of things that I, of course, did NOT do!

First off, I did NOT name my wrist brace Paddington.  I did NOT do this so that I would be less able to hate the brace and less likely to throw it across the room in frustration.  I am NOT playing psychological games with myself (because, come one, you really can't hate something named after Paddington the Bear, right?).  I also did NOT take random Paddington pictures to post.  NOT ME!

After being placed on restriction, I have NOT found excuses to avoid wearing my wrist brace.  These excuses did NOT include my arm being sweaty, eating a Freebird with the brace being awkward, or just "forgetting" to put in on when I left the house today, which of course would NOT have been an issue because I would never take off my brace unless I was in the shower or sitting still watching TV. 

I am also NOT not wearing it right now while I'm typing.  I would never be so cavalier about doctor's orders.  NOT ME!

This weekend I drove up to College Station to meet with our wedding photographer.  It most certainly has NOT taken me over two years to start the whole wedding album ordering process, and I am NOT super-excited that we've finally made forward progress!  I am also NOT having a blast going back through our wedding photos to pick the ones that HAVE to be in there.  NOT ME!

Other than all that, I also am NOT in love with the iPhone "Face Time" feature that let me actually SEE Bryan when I talked to him on the phone last night.  I would never get super-giddy over seeing my husband over a telephone screen less than a day after he left.  NOT ME!

While Bryan is in Virginia, I definitely am NOT slacking off majorly on house keeping.  I am NOT purposefully avoiding a Menu Planning Monday post this week.  I did NOT sleep until 11 today, go out to eat lunch with Hope, dinner with Alicia and then go see Eclipse with Alicia while my sink is full of dishes.  My floor also does NOT desperately need to be Swiffered and my carpet does NOT need vacuuming.  I would never be so lazy as to run and gun with friends all day while my house is languishing uncleaned.  NOT ME!

I also did not leave a trail of clothing when I walked into the house this evening that has yet to be picked up.  I will NOT be staging a massive cleaning either tomorrow or Wednesday so the house looks perfect when my hubby gets home.  NOT ME!

And I am NOT currently wracking my brain for other things I have NOT done to put off going to bed a bit longer.  Why?  Because, obviously, I am NOT counting down until Bryan gets back from his business trip.  I also am NOT sleeping with my Brown Bear just so that I have something to cuddle in bed.
I do NOT have trouble sleeping when Bryan's not here, and definitely have NOT commandeered one of his T-shirts to sleep in.   NOT ME!

On that note, I am NOT going to go read until I pass out.  I also did NOT forget to post my white pasta sauce recipe today, so I will NOT take care of that tomorrow.  NOT ME!

Hope everyone has NOT had a great Monday!  Nope, NOT ME!


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