Monday, April 12, 2010

My First "Not Me Monday"

My friend Arena over at The Nerd's Wife has been a part of this blog ring, started by MckMama, for awhile, and I LOVE reading her posts!  So today, I'm joining in!  This is only my first attempt, but for more experienced posters go on over to MckMama's blog to read everyone else's "Not Me Monday" posts!  As a preface, let me just say that today was not the best Monday ever for your blogging teacher (that's me).

I did *not* forget to fill up my gas tank last night.  NOT ME! 

I did *not* have to rush to drum up a quiz and have 150 copies made in the 20 minutes before second period.  NOT ME!  I would *never* leave preparing for class until the last minute.

I totally did *not* feel like screaming throughout the day when my students insisted that I did not TELL them there was a quiz today.  NOT ME!!!

It was only announced repeatedly all day Thursday and Friday AND was posted on the board for both of those days as well.

And of course I did *not* make a scathing mental retort to the note one student wrote on her quiz saying that it was unfair that she have to take the quiz because she got the notes Thursday instead of Wednesday.  NOT ME!!!  

She still had FOUR DAYS to study!

I also did *not* lose my temper in front of my 7th period class and yell at another student to get out of my classroom after she had a) talked back to me all period and b) continually threatened that another student would be beaten up after school by her friend because he made fun of her hair.  NOT ME!!!  I would *never* lose my professional calm.

I am totally *not* bailing on water aerobics tonight to enjoy my wine and rice cake snacks and watch TLC/play Crystal Bearers.  NOT ME!!!

I have *not* already started a countdown of the number of days left until summer.  NOT ME!!!

For the record, there's 38.  

And most importantly I want to make it clear that I did *not* daydream about other jobs all day today and I absolutely did *not* Google facts about being a real estate agent.  NOT ME!!!

On the upside, today's school day is done and the weekend is only four more days away!


  1. Awesome first Not Me post! Sorry that you had a hard day... I'm sure it is very trying at times to be a teacher! :)

    I'm counting down to summer, too!


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