Monday, April 19, 2010

My Quasi-Green Thumb

The recent rain has been very good for my plants and our yard--Bryan says it looks like a jungle lol.  The St. Augustine is finally really waking up, which is exciting to see.  I get no credit for that though--the yard is Bryan's project :-).

I'm really having fun watching my plants grow and learning about them.  That said, as my title indicates, I still have a lot to learn!  First of all, my bougainvillea dropped half its leaves because I put it in a windy place and it got upset.  It is starting to put out more leaves and blooms again though!  Also, I have once again failed at growing an ivy.  My first ivy adventure was back in college, but this time I managed to almost completely kill off the ivy my parents got my for Valentine's Day.

As you can see, there are still a few healthy stems in the pot.  I'm going to leave those be and see how they do.  I did cut out/pull up a few still-healthy stems and place them in clear glasses of water (per my mama's instructions) so that they can start regrowing roots.  I'll give them a few days and once they sprout roots I'll go get a pot that actually drains (which was part of the problem) and fill it with good potting soil.  And THEN I won't over-water (another part of the problem) and make sure they get enough light (the final part of the problem lol).

On to my happier plants--my orchid is blooming!  There are two blooms and at least three buds that will probably bloom in the next day or so.  I love my orchid...I only wish the ones in the back yard were doing as well.  I don't think they get enough sun (due to the huge plant blocking them).  But the one out front is doing amazingly!

Also my bottle brush plants are finally starting to bloom!  There's even doing better than last year, so that makes me super happy.  I love their brilliant red and fuzzy flowers.

I'm starting to compile a spreadsheet of the plants I have, what foods they like, and how to take care of them (when to prune, for example).  Hopefully I'll be able to a)actually finish the spreadsheet, and b)use it to make my plants the healthiest they can be!

And on an exciting note for the next gardening post---my magnolia tree has a TON of blooms getting ready to blossom!


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